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Prepare the Perfect Shipment

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Ready to send a shipment? Our Kaebox couriers are ready and waiting for you to make your request.

In order to guarantee the successful shipment of your item, please verify your information prior to sending your pick-up request. It is important to follow all instructions as they are given. The Kaebox App is streamlined to create a hassle free shipping experience.

Now, here are 5 tips for preparing a successful shipment!

Make Sure Your Item Can Ship: Review Our Prohibited Items List

Although we would love to cater to all of our consumers' needs, that simply is not possible in today's world. It is always our priority to create a safe environment for all Kaebox users. We take extra care to ensure our couriers are never put into a dangerous situation. This is why we are forced to ban certain items from shipping through Kaebox.

Please take the time to read through our restricted items list to confirm your item is eligible for shipping. This list is subject to change, join our mailing list to stay up to date on all the latest changes at Kaebox.

Double Check All Addresses: Ensure Smooth Pickup & Drop Off

At some point we all have received the dreaded “your shipment tracking cannot be found” notification. Our developers worked diligently to avoid these mistakes by creating software that recognizes the address you have typed in real time. By selecting the official address from our in app GPS we can ensure the item will get where it needs to go.

Always double check your information with the recipient prior to shipment to avoid any mix ups.

Correctly List Contents: Are You Shipping Liquid, Fragile Items, or Documents?

The mail delivery system is not to be taken lightly. We are under jurisdiction of Federal Laws applicable to the Postal Service. It is a great responsibility to handle shipping logistics, therefore we take our role very seriously.

All shipments entered into the system must exactly match their contents. In order to avoid security complications or raise any flags, please review to be sure all items are accurately described when filling out your pickup form.

Inspect your item to determine if it is necessary to add special instructions to your shipment. If this section is not properly checked we will have no other way of knowing if the item is particularly fragile, so for the sake of your shipment always double check all settings.

Type in Correct Payment Info: Keep Information Up to Date

Ensure you have entered all card numbers correctly and see that you are using a non-expired card. It is not the end of the world if you mistakenly enter an old credit card or run into a similar issue during check out. Our servers will detect the bounced payment and cancel the shipment.

Simply enter your updated credit card information to resubmit your order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Apple Pay.

Have Your Item With You: Be Ready When Your Kaeboxer Arrives

Please do not submit your request for an immediate pickup if the item is not prepared for shipping. Our Kaeboxers are on tight schedules and often unable to wait for you or your item to arrive at the location. If you need a little extra time to get ready please take advantage of our scheduled pickup option. You are able to schedule your courier up to two hours in advance.

We understand the rush to get errands done. Scheduling your pick up allows you to control your day while maintaining flexibility!

By following all the steps listed above, you should be a shipping expert in no time! Kaebox is here to make package delivery a breeze. Sign up for your free account now and access same day shipping, international delivery, and complementary packaging services!

Download the app today to enjoy the delivery on demand lifestyle.

If you are interested in driving for us, download the Driver App here.

Thank you for reading our step by step guide. We are proud to serve our communities and truly appreciate all of our consumers. If you have any questions, email us at Check out the FAQ page on the website for more information!


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