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Family Caregivers: This is Your Month

A Time to Come Together

Naturally when temperatures drop, we seek refuge in our homes. We are after all, creatures of comfort who simply seek peace. Leaving the house to complete tasks only increases in difficulty as the snow begins to fall. Winter is known as the season for hibernation, so many of us stay home and avoid the cold for as long as we can. For most of us, this process begins once Autumn departs but for the caregivers who selflessly give their time to loved ones year round, staying at home is a year round affair. Every November we are reminded to gather our loved ones and celebrate National Family Caregivers Month.

To freely give time, energy and affection to someone experiencing hardship is the truest expression of humanity there is. Life can take unexpected turns. There are countless reasons a person needs assistance in their home and cannot achieve tasks on their own. For many people, it can feel impossible to get back up on their own. A family caregiver provides comfort, assistance, and company while their loved one endures hardship. It takes a hero to provide care to someone when they need it most. Providing comfort to your family, friend or neighbor is a true display of good character. Whether you are taking care of an aging parent, an ill child, or a struggling neighbor your good deed does not go unnoticed. Even the smallest gesture of support can change everything for some people. What may seem like a simple task for some, appears as a daunting nightmare for others. Things like tying your shoes, cooking dinner, and dropping off mail can quickly become an impossible task to those suffering from physical injuries or mental health conditions. The number of homebound adults has more than doubled in the last three years. To have access to a caregiver in this situation can be life changing. This is why we come together annually to celebrate the underrepresented population of people in our communities who give so much and take so little. The generous, kind and loving caregivers.

Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching we are reminded to take inventory of our lives. Take a moment to look around you and express gratitude for the things you see. So many of us forget to give thanks for the roof over our head, clothes on our back and food in our bellies. Holidays often turn into a commercialized event instead of the family gatherings they were intended to be. Between the parades, dinners, and trips planned around this week, schedules can get a little hectic. This is the time of year families are supposed to come together to bring cheer and love into our lives and yet 38% of Americans report higher stress levels during the holiday season. It can be easy to get caught up in your routine and lose sight of what matters most. The people around us everyday are more than neighbors, coworkers, friends and strangers. They are members of our community who deserve care and respect. Take special notice this month to thank a caregiver. Members of the community who look out for others are the pillars on which we all depend on.

This is a time to express gratitude for what we have and give thanks to those we love. Forget about the Black Friday sales and holiday shopping. This time of year is not about getting what we want, it is about appreciating what we have. Too often we take for granted the folks we see everyday. Even if there are no words exchanged, spending time with those you care for can greatly improve your mood. This is why it is so important to remind one another of how grateful we are to have each other.

The Caregiver Journey

The history of Family Caregivers Month goes back to 1997 when President Bill Clinton signed off on an annual proclamation. Though the Caregiver Action Network sprouted their wings much earlier in 1993. They provide essential tools and resources for the 90 million Americans providing care for their families. Federal recognition from the Clinton administration officially put this group on the map. This marked the first November of many that would formally call on the empowerment and recognition of family caregivers across the nation. When this national celebration graces us each year, it serves as a reminder to support caregivers and raise awareness within our communities.

Caring for others is a valiant act, however one must always remember to take care of themselves. Some caregivers experience feelings of guilt when they take time out of their schedules to look after themselves. They begin putting others' needs before their own, placing themselves on the back burner. Mental health is an incredibly valuable function of our lives. The practice of caring for one's mental health should be regarded equally as important as dentist office visits and drinking water. Though conversations centering the topic are taking center stage in the media more and more, there is still a lack of resources available to those who need it. There are various tools and resources provided by the CDC here to assist those who are seeking out care. For family caregivers there is a wonderful guide created by Mental Health America to help those who are just beginning their caregiving journey.

Stay Grateful

Let us not forget when the snows melt and the flowers bloom, that gratitude is not a seasonal gesture. Our communities need support from within throughout the year. Not just on a few squares in the calendar. While it is always expected to see family and friends around the holidays, we must remember to cherish these relationships year round. Caregivers cannot pick and choose the months they provide care. They show up day in, day out for the entire calendar year. The selfless act of giving your time and energy to someone who needs it should be celebrated for more than just one month. The appreciation for caregivers shall be expressed freely and fully. Our communities must hold onto the tradition of showing gratitude to those that lend a helping hand. Kaebox is committed to supporting and providing assistance to caregivers. We hope to assist those who selflessly help others.

Share an Act of Kindness

There are many ways we are able to show kindness to each other. The holiday season is the prime time for spreading cheer! From the simple act of holding open a shop door for a stranger, to dedicating time to caring for a family member during their hospital recovery. The feeling generated by a kind act cannot be replaced, replicated or returned. We believe in dedicating time every single day to carry out one small act of kindness.

During this Family Caregiver Appreciation Month, we challenge you to commit to completing an act of kindness every day! Making someone else smile is easy, fun and fulfilling. There is a famous quote from the Buddha which applies perfectly to this goal “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”. Sharing kindness is an abundant resource which we will never run out of. Show your gratitude to friends and family. If you know a family caregiver, take some time to let them know how important their role is in our society. If you are a family caregiver, please know how grateful the world is to have you.

Let Us Help

Kaebox makes it possible to stay home and still complete your to-do list! While you take care of your loved ones, we can take care of the mail run. Get packages picked up at home easily and quickly using the Kaebox app. We bring everything you need to send documents, gifts, and more to the shipping store. Our couriers are even able to complete shipments the very same day! If you need an item quickly transported across town with no time to get there, choose Kaebox. Our app based service is easy, affordable and fast! We know how difficult it can be to get to the shipping counter. Whether it is a matter of time, distance or travel ability keeping you from the post office, Kaebox will pick-up and package your items for you. Package pick-ups can be scheduled up to two hours in advance, or you can request an instant pick-up. Kaeboxers even provide shipping label printing services right at your doorstep!

So whether you are spending your November caring for loved ones or being cared for, let Kaebox save you time. We will happily make the trip to the post office on your behalf. The holidays are quickly approaching, get your greeting cards shipped and checked off your to-do list! Download the Kaebox app and start sending shipments from home, today.

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Thank you for reading. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


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