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How to use the Kaebox Driver App

Updated: May 20, 2022

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Below are the basic steps for the Kaebox Driver app – from pickup requests to delivery of packages.

The Request:

1. You will receive a request via an audio notification in the app.

2. The screen will say "Package Pick-Up Available".

3. The screen will show how far the package is from your current location, how many packages, the package size, and your earnings.

4. Tap to accept the delivery request.

5. You'll get the package order number, pickup location, and the customer’s name.


1. Kaebox’s driver app will direct you to the pick-up location.

2. When you arrive, the Kaebox app will ask you to bring the required packaging, if the customer requested one. (For example, bag number 1. Drivers will receive a Kaebox kit containing seven sizes of shipping bags, a thermal printer, labels, and a backpack).*

3. Receive the item/package for shipping.

4. If a Kaebox shipping bag is used, seal the bag by removing the adhesive sticker.

5. Tap "confirm pick up" and take a picture of the parcel. Please take a picture of the SEALED bag when Kaebox’s shipping bags are being used.

6. Check in and click print a QR drop-off label and the shipping label. **

7. Stick the courier label over "place mailing label here for Kaebox bag” and place the QR label on the other side.

8. Double-check that the package is sealed and labeled before leaving with the package(s).


1. The Kaebox app will direct you to the drop-off location.

2. Tap "confirm drop-off" and take a picture of the parcel.

3. A screen will pop up with a unique number to identify the package and prevent confusion when you have multiple packages.

4. Scan the QR code printed on the label.

5. For local deliveries, hand the package to a customer, then take a picture. For UPS, USPS, FedEx, or DHL hand the package to the receptionist and ask for a receipt. Take a picture of the receipt.

6. The package must be sealed, labeled, and match the picture you took at the pickup location.

7. The customer will receive a text as you approach, so they're ready for you.