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Shipping Store to Your Door Pt. 2

A part of our mission is to connect people, one package at a time. That’s why we encourage traveling and offer international shipping on all shipments! In last week’s blog, we talked about shipping from your house, office, and hospital. Today we’re going to show you how we bring the shipping store to your door at an RV, Airport, and hotel! Keep reading to learn how we can bring the shipping store to your door!

Ship from RV

Whether you're planning a cross-country roadtrip or live the life of a full-time RVer, we want your shipping experience to be consistent. Sending from an RV can be stressful, you might be on the go or simply trying to find a parking spot at your local shipping company. We’ll deliver for you, no matter the pick-up point. As long as it’s on a map, leave it to us!

Ship from Airport

Frequent Fliers: Are you just finishing up from a vacation and might have brought back too many souvenirs? Ditch the overweight bag fee and leave the sending to us for less! Schedule a pickup with Kaebox and we’ll be sure to get your items home safe and sound. After all, we offer national and international packages!

Maybe you have a few items that aren’t allowed on a plane but you’d hate to have to throw them away before security. We’ll cover it. But make sure to double check our policies on items that we do and don’t ship.

Pilots and Flight Attendants: We know you’re always on the go, so let us help send happiness to loved ones! With long hours, and hectic schedules, Kaebox can be there for you. Send packages internationally from your international airline!

Ship from Hotel

Trying to find a safe and easy way to send and receive your mail from a hotel can be tricky. If you’re traveling with a gift that you want to send before you hop on a plane and don’t want to interrupt your vacation with a stop at the post office, our Kaebox drivers can handle it. Simply schedule a pickup with our easy to use app, and leave the rest to us.

Keep and eye out for our next blog to see where we ship from next!

Interested in driving for us? Download the app and join us! We can’t wait to welcome you to our team! If you’re interested in shipping with Kaebox, please visit our website to join the waitlist.

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