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Work Flexible, Work Kaebox

Kaebox is an on-demand package delivery service that brings the shipping store to your door! Our team is dedicated to promoting equity on all levels of operation. Kaebox delivery drivers work a flexible schedule allowing them to make money when and where they want. We support the ‘be your own boss’ idea by giving our drivers financial freedom through gig-based employment. Flexible schedules allow drivers to have work-life balance, augment their income, and/or create an additional revenue stream on their own time.

We acknowledge that drivers are so much more than just drivers. Maybe they are aspiring musicians, students, parents, freelancers or small business owners. No matter who you are, Kaebox is here to offer you support and work around your schedule. Kaebox drivers keep the majority of their earnings, unlike drivers for other ride share companies. Above all else, we want to see our drivers succeed. We supply all new drivers with a Kaebox Kit valued at $350, this contains a label printer and packaging material.

As a Kaebox driver, you will pick up packages at the requested pick-up location, provide the necessary packaging and label from the Kaebox Kit, and deliver the package to a local destination or shipping courier (UPS, FedEx, USPS). We guarantee transparency so that drivers know how much they will earn and where they will go for each package pick up. Our Driver App allows drivers to clock in when they please and set a delivery radius so that they can stay close to home. All Kaebox package delivery drivers will have support from the Kaebox team whenever they need it. Reserve a spot to drive for Kaebox today by downloading our Driver App below!

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