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On-Demand Package and Shipping Service

On-Demand Delivery for all regions.

Up to 88% off for shipment with USPS, UPS, FedEx & DHL.

We bring the packaging and print the shipping label on the spot.

The Shipping Store At Your Door

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Our Valued Partners


How It Works

The Growing Importance Of Same Day

In a world of growing demand, the shipping carrier you choose matters. Studies have shown that 85% of consumers search elsewhere for better options when delivery speeds are too slow. We understand the need to ship quickly. This is why Kaebox provides an Instant delivery option when sending packages locally. Ship quickly, ship Kaebox.

1. Request package pick up on the Kaebox app

2. One of our trusted drivers will arrive to assist

Same Day Delivery Service
Same Day Delivery Service. She is happy to receive her package the same day within 600 miles radius via kaebox shipping app.

Relationships to EverythingShips

Shipping made easy

Download the Kaebox App For On-Demand Package Delivery!

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Easy* Fast * Reliable * Convenient * Affordable * Equitable * Sustainable

Local Shipping Service

Get Paid To Deliver Happiness!
Get Happiness Delivered!

3. The item(s) will be packed and/or labeled on-the-spot

4. Receive real-time tracking and updates on the Kaebox app.

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