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Same Day Delivery (Up to 600 miles)

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International Shipping

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Door to Door Delivery

Complimentary Packaging

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Discounts on Major Shipping Carriers

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Install Kaebox shipping station at your business or apartment complex & more!

On-Demand Package and Shipping Service

Our Services

Local & National Delivery

We understand it can be difficult to make it to the post office. Whether you are working from home, raising a family, or finding it difficult to leave your home for any reason, Kaebox has your back. Our couriers are on demand on the Kaebox app. No more waiting to make your delivery! Enjoy Same Day Delivery Service

International Delivery

From your doorstep to anywhere in the world at the click of a button. Our couriers are equipped with all the necessary tools to create an international shipping label and provide you with a seamless delivery. You can track your package from your phone to have confidence that your package has arrived safely.


Kaebox is the first company to provide on-demand packaging, label printing, and on-the-spot documentation at any location.  Our cost-effective yet convenient delivery solution is here to bring the shipping store directly to your door.


All packaging provided by Kaebox is made from recycled materials, yielding less carbon emissions. Using sustainable packaging techniques and existing modes of transportation, we are reducing our carbon footprint while still giving exceptional value to our drivers and customers.

Same Day Delivery Service

Kaebox gives our couriers the freedom to choose their transportation. Shipments can be fulfilled by car, moped, bicycle, or by walking. Local deliveries up to 150 miles can be completed on the same day. 

We work directly with trusted shipping companies to guarantee the best prices for deliveries across greater distances.

Score up to 88% off at major carriers when you ship with Kaebox!

Kaebox has secured huge discounts from: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL

United States Postal Services
International Shipping Service

Relationships to EverythingShips

​Our couriers take care of your packaging needs. With your pickup request select whether you would like to use our recycled packaging or if you would like to use your own.


Kaebox bags come in seven different sizes to accommodate your shipping needs. Our drivers have label printers on hand and can print your national or international shipping label right at your door!

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