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4 Reasons to Send a Package with Kaebox

Whether you’re sending a package to a loved one, making a return, or shipping something special, you want your packaging process to be convenient and stress-free. With Kaebox services, we bring the shipping stores to your door, so you don't have to interrupt your day.

Keep reading to learn 4 reasons why you should send a package with Kaebox!

Quick and Affordable

Our services reduce the costs associated with parcel packaging, creating a label, or even needing a printer. We recognize that shipping isn’t always cost-effective and want to give everyone an equal opportunity to stay connected with the help of Kaebox. Use our reliable app to schedule a pick up time, leave the item at your door and let us handle the heavy lifting.

Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Initiatives

From waste reduction to carbon emissions, Kaebox is committed to sustainability. For instance, all Kaebox packaging is made from recycled plastics, and Kaebox Drivers can use any mode of transportation. Whether it’s a bike, scooter, on foot, or public transit we encourage our drivers to be efficient and environmentally conscious. When Drivers pick up packages from multiple customers, this reduces the number of cars on the road, as each one of those customers saves themselves a trip to ship their package.

Convenience is our Promise

Our services take away the hassle of going to the post office by picking up packages from your doorstep. On the Kaebox app, customers can schedule a package pick-up, get tracking updates, and make last minute changes to their service. Kaebox makes communication, clarity, and transparency a priority. Our promise is to make the Kaebox experience easy and enjoyable for all users.

International Shipping

Sometimes the tiniest mistake can entirely de-route an international package and delay its arrival. Luckily, Kaebox has created an error free ystem to make sure your packages stay on track. Our app includes a built-in text corrector so your packages get where they need to go. Whether you need a local delivery or a package sent abroad, Kaebox has your back!

Kaebox is coming this fall! See you soon in: New York City, Jersey City, Winston Salem, Greensboro, Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area

Interested in learning more about Kaebox? Follow the link to our website for some FAQs and information about driving opportunities!

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