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Best Shipping Methods for Reselling

Send Shipments the Smart Way

Making money as a small eCommerce company or as an avid eBay user can be difficult when shipping fees and expensive packaging start to add up. Finding ways to save on an international shipping service can seem impossible when you look at the major shipping carriers.

Convenience the Kaebox Way

This is where Kaebox comes in. We are an app based local and international shipping service that provides users with everything needed to prepare a shipment. Our couriers swiftly respond to package pick up requests within the app. Information is collected during the local and international shipping service pick up request. This is then used to generate a shipping label corresponding to the local or international shipping service you selected to fulfill your order. With Kaebox we can deliver packages the very same day if the destination is within 150 miles from the pick up location.

There is no need to choose from the major shipping companies every time you need to submit a package pick up request from a local or international shipping service. At Kaebox we partner directly with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx so the flat rate prices in the app can be viewed and compared in real time. The dimensions and details of your shipment, will impact the prices presented to you within the app. Kaebox allows you to make an informed decision and choose the best local and international shipping service for you.

If you regularly bring bulk shipments to the post office or schedule them for pick up, consider Kaebox as a convenient way to send those shipments from the comfort of your own home. Our couriers can be summoned instantly to your location, or if you must adhere to a schedule, package pick up requests can be submitted two hours in advance. Controlling your day as a small business owner is essential. There are not enough hours in your work day to print out all your own shipping labels and track down adequate packaging for the shipment.

Kaebox couriers bring everything you need to send mail from your door. Whether you need to ship one package or one hundred packages, Kaebox has you covered. We are the first local and international shipping service to provide on-demand packaging and shipping services. We provide seven different sizes of parcel bags, which are also made from durable recycled plastic. These parcel bags are flexible and waterproof so you can rest assured that the items will reach their destination in perfect condition. Printing out international shipping service labels can be quite the hassle. Kaebox couriers are equipped and trained with the proper procedure for generating an international shipment.

Each Kaeboxer is equipped with an easy to use, portable printer that is compatible with every major shipping company and their labels. When you order a local or international shipping service with Kaebox you will automatically receive a digital copy of your shipping label. We believe in providing users with the freedom to choose. This includes choosing your own packaging or using Kaebox bags, and even choosing who prints the label. If you have a specialized printer at home that you prefer using, we understand. However, with the high cost of printer ink we understand if you would prefer our services.

There’s a New Shipping Service in Town

Kaebox is the ultimate on-demand local and international shipping service. We provide users with speedy, convenient, and affordable shipping services no matter the time or the place. Sending returns or new orders with Kaebox is a breeze. Our streamlined app design creates a shipping experience that is foolproof. Sending and receiving mail has never been easier. Ship simple, ship swiftly, ship Kaebox.

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