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Small Business Shipping Hacks

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

All-In-One Local Shipping Service

The most convenient tool for all small business owners just landed in the app store. If an easy, affordable, and on-demand local shipping service is what you are looking for, then you are in luck. Kaebox provides our users with a streamlined shipping experience with unique customizations and direct communication.

Ship On Your Schedule

Never again will you need to wonder where your courier is or what time they will arrive to pick up a bulk order. Kaebox provides full control of your notification center within your local shipping service pick up request. Staying on top of your schedule is essential for all business owners, but it is especially important for small business owners. These are the entrepreneurs that work tirelessly to compete with corporate giants. Waiting all day for a local shipping service to pick up your shipment is not conducive to building a successful business. This is why Kaebox gives users the flexibility to schedule a package pick up or request one instantly with the nearest Kaeboxer.

Packaging Provided

This courier will swiftly navigate to your location, whether that be your home, office, school, or other business. Our local shipping service is unique on account of the durable packaging we bring to your location. Kaebox allows users to check off a box in the app during the pick up request to alert your driver whether or not they need to bring a parcel bag. We provide our couriers with seven different sizes of bags so they always have the right fit for you. These bags are even made from recycled plastic to help keep waste out of landfills. Providing customers with optimal packaging options is vital to a successful local shipping service.

Print Labels On Demand

Not only do our Kaeboxer’s bring packaging to your local shipping service request, they also carry a portable printer that is compatible with every major shipping company. We partner with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx to secure you the best price. The ability to print out local and international shipping labels on the spot can be incredibly influential to a small business. Buying specialized printers, paper, and expensive ink can cut into a businesses profits. Kaebox is the local shipping service that brings the shipping store directly to your door. Information from your local shipping service request in the Kaebox app automatically generates a shipping label which is sent to you and your Kaeboxer. Users can choose to print their own labels or utilize the printer provided by Kaebox.

Creating a local shipping service request is easy with Kaebox. Our package pick up and delivery methods are streamlined to provide you with the best experience. Next time you are ready to transport a bulk shipment to the shipping counter, consider Kaebox. The ultimate local shipping service provider. Sign up for your free account to start saving on shipping today. Join our mailing list so you can stay up to date with the latest and greatest local shipping service news.

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