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Kaebox On-Demand Shipping Service

Shipping Secrets USPS, UPS, and FedEx Don't Want You to Know

Get Looped In To Logistics

While the methods used to send and receive mail have changed over time, the basic principle has always remained the same. An individual needs an item or items taken from their location and delivered somewhere else. From the dawn of civilization, humans figured out a method to efficiently deliver an object to its destination. Trade routes took shape to provide easy transport for vendors seeking to barter with their goods. As our development progressed, so did our tools. If we look back in history, the first documented use of an organized courier service is in Egypt.

This occurred around 2000 B.C. making it the very first postal service to be established. Originally the delivery service was only available to the Pharaohs who used couriers to transport important political updates between one another. As the service developed, common citizens gained access to couriers who fulfilled shipments slowly on the backs of donkeys or by walking. The express shipping methods, like using the Nile river to float parcels protected by guards, were exclusively available to the people in power. As time marches onward, equality spreads from the top to the bottom of the social hierarchy. Commoners gaining the ability to send and receive letters or packages was majorly influential to their daily lives. It is our goal to apply this same method and share the wealth, knowledge, and resources available to those at the top to the rest of us beneath them.

Sending and receiving shipments is a vital tool in our modern worlds. So many of us opt in to automatic subscriptions, order everything online, and share connections across the globe. On-demand package and shipping services are few and far between. There are a million reasons to ship, yet seemingly only a few ways to accomplish this. It is time to change that. We want to share our top tricks to ship smarter and save money. Keep reading to learn how to beat the shipping carriers and send mail the better way!

USPS Shipping Hacks

The United States Postal Service is the most commonly used fulfillment method for eCommerce here in the states. With good reason too, this shipping service just so happens to predate the origin of our nation all together! On July 26, 1775, the U.S. postal system was established by the Second Continental Congress. The first postmaster general elected was none other than Benjamin Franklin. With so much history behind this service it is no wonder they are the most trusted by the American people. With so many citizens getting their mail fulfilled through the USPS, it is only fair we give you a few secrets to upgrade your shipping.

If you are looking for ways to save money on the United States Postal Service then look no further! The USPS First Class Package is the cheapest shipping option they offer, as long as the shipment weighs under 1lb. Delivery rates may vary, but the value of an affordable shipment for such a small item is hard to beat. Find the best on-demand package and shipping company that works for your shipment. If you are constantly sharing or receiving material such as records, videos, books, or photos and find yourself running through your savings account this next hack is for you. The postal service offers Media USPS which is considered to be the cheapest shipping option for transporting media. The heaviest item that can be fulfilled through this package is up to 70 lbs. If you need to transport a large object that is not some form of media, using USPS Parcel Select Ground is another alternative. Though the fulfillment may be a bit slower on account of the transportation method. It is still a great method for shipping those bulky items that still fall under the 70 lbs rule imposed by the USPS.

UPS Shipping Hacks

United Parcel Service is great for the on-demand package and shipping of cargo that is larger than the packages USPS typically will deliver. When the need to send a large item easily and quickly arises, you can depend on UPS. If you find yourself shipping through UPS consistently, it is smart to take advantage of their unlimited supply of shipping labels. If you prefer to use your printer and ink at home then we suggest picking up a sheet of their 8 ½ x 11in labels which should easily slip into a standard printer. If you prefer someone else handles the label printing, well we understand that too. Kaebox couriers bring a portable printer to your on-demand package and shipping request and can even print out international shipping labels on the spot!

For the savvy eBay vendors there is an even better life hack. When you sign up for an eBay account, link it to your UPS account as well. This will provide an automatic discount that applies 5-35% off retail pricing. The discounts are dependent on the type of package and the selected rate. Though the percentages may seem small, they quickly add up over time to contribute to major savings! For the resellers who constantly are making trips to the shipping counter, consider signing up for Kaebox to take advantage of our bulk package pick up services! We can even provide all packaging and label materials directly at your door. Save yourself the trouble of packing in all your orders to transport yourself. Kaebox works directly with every major carrier to create a streamlined package delivery experience. Summon an on-demand package and shipping request through the Kaebox app to access UPS deals.

FedEx Shipping Hacks

When shipping through FedEx do not forget to sign up for their membership reward program. The more you use their services, the more perks and free gifts you receive. To access easy and cost-effective delivery through FedEx just look to their Ground Economy rate. This service is available across all of the continental United States. This is an affordable shipping method but unfortunately not always an efficient one. Delays on ground shipping are common and can lead to back ups in fulfillment. Any issues with the delivery speed will need to be addressed with FedEx directly. If you do encounter delayed on-demand package and shipping fulfillment on a delivery that you paid more to ship faster, you may be entitled to a refund or credit. Shippers who select express shipping and do not receive their shipment on time have the option to request a refund or receive credit to their account. The final decision is made by FedEx and should be handled directly with them.

DHL Shipping Hacks

When it comes to quick, global on-demand package and shipping, DHL has it down! When submitting an on-demand package and shipping request to be fulfilled through DHL please remember that the estimated delivery time will vary in accordance to the type of service selected. Standard delivery options are expected to take 5 to 7 business days, while the express delivery shall be expected within 1-5 business days. If your delivery is time sensitive then it should be fulfilled through express delivery. Time sensitive shipments should be completed with express delivery. If you do not receive your parcel on time you can request a refund by contacting DHL directly based on the company’s ‘money-back’ guarantee policy.

Ship It

Whether you choose USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL for your on-demand package and shipping needs, our services grant you access to any of these shipping carriers! Submit your request for an on-demand package and shipping request through the Kaebox app and enjoy extra discounts on each provider mentioned. We provide door to door delivery services and LIVE tracking all from our app! Kaebox couriers bring everything you need to package a shipment, print out your label, and retrieve your shipment! The convenience created by the Kaebox package pick up and delivery service is unmatched. We provide access to easy, affordable shipping for everyone! It is no surprise that we take relationships to everythingships. Our goal is to provide equal shipping access to everyone on Earth. The faster our connections to each other grows, the better the world becomes. Giving back to our communities is vital to creating an environment that thrives. Sign up now and for a limited time only get access to FREE SHIPPING! This deal won’t be around for long, so don’t wait. The holidays bring delight and delays, so the sooner you send your gifts out, the better! Start shipping with Kaebox today.

Subject to terms, conditions, and limitations: 'free' is for pickup and drop-off fees only, excludes the courier postage.

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