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The Ultimate Shipping Deal this Holiday Season

It’s Spending Season

Every year when the holiday season comes around, budgets get tighter and wallets feel lighter. Families begin making their lists and checking them twice. Finding out if their spending habits have been naughty or nice.

If there is one thing Kaebox can do for you this holiday season, it’s helping out with the financial burdens of gifting. Sending mail this time of year can feel overwhelming. At Kaebox we make shipping simple, fast, and affordable. We are offering an exclusive offer to our new customers. For a limited time only, get free shipping when you send packages through Kaebox. That’s right, you are not dreaming! Free package pick-up and parcel delivery fulfilled by Kaebox. Keep reading to find out how you can redeem this great offer!

Delays in Delivery

Mail delivery has never been easier thanks to Kaebox. Our app based courier service is here to save the holiday! Send packages from your front door to any address in the world. No need to waste time bringing shipments to the post office by yourself. Summon a Kaeboxer to pick-up the item you would like to ship and they will bring everything you need to prepare your shipment, right to your door! By using Kaebox you gain access to our complementary packaging services, printing shipping labels on the spot, and live package tracking services. Local deliveries can even be fulfilled on the same day! However, the sooner you ship, the better. Beginning the week of December 10th, the United States Postal Service predicts they will fulfill over 200 million package deliveries per week, up until Christmas day. With this many parcels entering the mail stream each week, it’s no surprise consumers face these delays every year. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day the USPS anticipates they will deliver over 800 million packages alone. Without a doubt the worst week to send your shipment is between December 14th and 21st. This would be considered the ‘peak week’ of peak shipping season. Submitting a shipment this late in the season could potentially result in delays keeping the item stuck in its fulfillment center until January.

During this delay period, customers who select standard mail delivery may notice longer than normal delivery estimates. For many business owners and their loyal customers this can be disheartening. A shipment that previously only took two days to fulfill now may take up to an entire week depending on the supply chain. This is because during peak shipping season the USPS places first class shipments at the very top of their list of priorities. This method shows us that money talks, and shipping carriers listen. Kaebox is not like the other courier services. We take the lowest percentage possible out of every shipment to ensure our couriers and customers are well taken care of. This year, we want to show our appreciation and give back to our communities!

High Cost of the Holidays

Because of the high cost of shipping combined with excruciatingly long delays, more customers than normal are shelling out payments for first-class shipments. This poses the question, if everyone chooses first-class will it become the new flat rate? The USPS released their updated chart detailing the price differences between shipment options. These changes are set to last through January 22nd, 2023. Consumers can expect to pay anywhere from 25 cents to $6.50 extra for shipping. These margins may look small upon first glance however, these payments can add up. For small business owners they may feel pressured to decide between raising their prices and charging extra for shipping. With any large amount of orders to fulfill even the lowest increase in shipping rates can be detrimental to a business’ bottom line. With roughly 2 out of every 5 Americans citing inflation as a reason they will spend less this holiday season, we knew this meant we needed to take action.

Kaebox offers our discounted rates year round so users do not need to worry about being able to afford their next shipment. We believe in accessible and affordable shipping for all. Small business owners, single parents, and retirees do not always have the expendable income to spare on package delivery services. We work directly with major shipping companies like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL to maintain reasonable pricing throughout the year. Kaebox keeps our costs low, and our satisfaction rate high! It is no surprise that when it comes to the consumer's choice in shipping, 85% of shoppers prefer free shipping as opposed to expedited delivery. When given the opportunity to save money or save time, most of us will choose the financially responsible option. This savvy shopping sense seemingly disappears thanks to the evolution of holiday rush shipping.

However with the sudden spike in online shopping, getting items on time has become an increasingly difficult task especially for many small businesses. In the last few years, the online marketplace has exploded. Between 2019 and 2020 alone, there was a 44% increase in the global eCommerce market. Suddenly consumers were getting everything through the mail stream. Ordering groceries, household items, and medications for home delivery has become the new normal. Repetitive subscription services even fulfill these orders for you. Shopping has sped up while shipping has slowed down. When growth occurs this rapidly, there are no doubt going to be a few growing pains accompanying it. This change affected the manufacturers’ warehouses, freight ships transporting goods, and the businesses themselves which then had to raise prices to counteract the rising shipping costs.

The price spike did not deter shoppers from online shopping however, as 25.7% of the retail holiday revenue in 2020 came from eCommerce. This is a trend that is expected to continue. Despite issues on the business end of things such as higher fees, freight stuck waiting at ports, and greater competition. There are countless reasons consumers are taking their holiday shopping to the world wide web. Online there are no lines or crowds, the entire catalog is readily available, and it’s easier to compare prices while you shop around. The real reason given by nearly 50% of Americans when asked why they prefer online shopping, was the guarantee of free shipping.

Here’s the Deal

Now the moment you have all been waiting for… access to free shipping! Shipping should be simple, not stressful. Allow us to give your pockets a break. Shipping is on us this year! You will not want to miss this deal so start saving money by shipping with Kaebox now. Remember, this is a limited time offer! Don’t wait to get started. Here is how you can redeem this offer:

  • Download our Kaebox app from the App Store

  • Sign up for your free account

  • Create your shipment request

  • Pay the total amount

  • Contact and provide them with your email address, shipment ID, and the total amount of the order

  • The Kaebox agent will then manually refund all of your shipping fees

Do not wait to take advantage of this offer! As we mentioned above, the sooner you ship, the better! Get those gifts where they need to go. Avoid delays and send your shipments out now by requesting your package pick-up request within the Kaebox app. Keep track of your shipments easily in our ‘track shipment’ tab! You can send multiple parcels at a time, schedule your pick-up appointment, and even add insurance to extra valuable shipments.

So sign up for your free Kaebox account today to start sending free shipments. Find out where our services are currently available by clicking here.

If you would like to deliver for Kaebox you can do so by applying here.

Thank you for reading! Join our mailing list to get even more exclusive offers and information.

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