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Our planet is shared by us all, not a select few. We believe in empowering all people, which includes equal access to clean air, land, and water. Taking care of the environment is a task that benefits us all. Kaebox takes the initiative in protecting the environment with our unique approach to logistics.

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The Kaebox Mission

Instead of creating a fleet of gas-guzzling delivery trucks, we gave our couriers the choice to choose their transportation. Their method is entirely their decision, we give them the option to fulfill shipments by car, bike, moped, motorcycle, bicycle, or by foot. Our wish is to keep the air clean and pollution free. It is our hope that by leading the shipment revolution, we will inspire other carriers to switch to greener methods.

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Envoirmently Friendly

Kaebox specially designed our packaging to be both lightweight and strong enough to withstand damage during transportation. Reducing the weight carried by Kaeboxers will lower emissions created during the shipping process. Our packages are even made from recycled plastic, doing our part to keep microplastics out of the waste stream. 

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