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3 Reasons to Use Kaebox for Instant Package Pick Up and Delivery

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Choosing the Right Courier

With more shipping carriers joining the instant delivery service market, it is a good time to remind you that Kaebox is the one and only full service shipping company on demand. We provide instant delivery services at the touch of a button. Other courier services require users to provide their own packaging, label printing, and even pre-arranged payments with the shipping company of their choice.

At Kaebox we understand the need for convenience. Who has the time to arrange their own packaging and label printing? Order your instant delivery service from the couriers who understand how precious your time is.

Reason #1 You’re In Control

With the Kaebox app you can request a courier ASAP for your instant delivery service or you can place your order up to two hours in advance! We know how important it is to maintain control of your day. This is why we also gave our users full control over the notification settings in the Kaebox app as well. Choose exactly which communications you wish to receive from Kaebox so we do not overstay our welcome in your notification center. You can even track your package’s live location under the shipment tab in the Kaebox app. Never again will you need to guess when your package will arrive.

Reason #2 We Bring the Post Office to You

Other courier companies expect users to fully prepare their package prior to requesting an instant delivery. Many households no longer contain a printer as many of us have opted for paper free, greener alternatives. With no printer, where will the shipping label come from? The answer is simple, our Kaebox portable printer! Our couriers are equipped with all the necessary tools to prepare your item for shipment on-the-spot. This is one instant delivery service that truly requires no effort from the shipper or recipient. You can even choose the packaging used in your shipment while requesting your instant delivery service. Within your request you will see the option to use your own packaging or use parcel bags provided by Kaebox. The app automatically calculates which size package will best suit your needs based on the measurements you provide. This method ensures we will get it right every time! No need to cycle through multiple boxes at the post office.

Reason #3 Limitless Delivery

Emergency shipping problems can arise anytime, anywhere. From home, to work, to school, an urgent shipping emergency can come out of nowhere. With Kaebox you can easily customize your instant delivery request every time you use the app. Set new pick up locations anytime you need a new instant delivery service! We would never limit the destinations you can ship to. Our couriers can provide you with direct door to door package pick up and drop off services. Skip the post office if your destination is within 150 miles. Your personal courier can transport your package directly to the recipient. If you choose to ship through one of our partners USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx you will be able to enjoy our discounts up to 70% off your instant delivery service!

So ship with the courier service that provides you with instant delivery services on-demand, anywhere in the world. Send packages across the street or across the globe. With Kaebox the world is your mailbox!

Secure your 70% discount on package pick up and delivery deals by signing up for your Kaebox account today, no credit card required.

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