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Choosing the Right Shipping Carrier for You: USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, & Kaebox

Sending mail efficiently and effectively is all about choosing the right local and international shipping service for you. Determine what type of shipment you need to send. Will the package travel domestically or internationally? Do you own a printer or do you require shipping label printing services? Is it a one page letter, a box full of goodies, an envelope full of important documents or even something as simple as a postcard?

Finding the right local and international shipping service for your package pick up and delivery is the first step in your delivery journey. Allow us to help make the choice a bit clearer.


When shipping with the United States Postal Service the most popular service by far is the priority mail express. This service includes guaranteed one or two day expedited delivery by 3pm. This shipping method is typically selected to complete quick domestic deliveries. The USPS is able to fulfill domestic shipments quickly and consistently by using their wide network of mail carriers. Shipments fulfilled by USPS are more often than not located in the United States. There are limitations to their ability as an international shipping service. Customers who opt for this method may notice longer than normal delivery times.


For larger shipments UPS is typically the better shipping option. The strength of this local and international shipping service lies within their network of ground delivery vehicles. Heavier shipments sent in large trucks have less of an economic drawback compared to cargo sent by air or sea. Their pricing generally beats out the competition for packages with higher weight than the average shipment. The wide global range of shipping locations allows packages to be fulfilled swiftly with less ground to cover. International shipping services through UPS are delivered quickly but at a higher price than their competitors. For customers seeking fast shipping on larger items this may be the local and international shipping service for you.


If a shipment needs to be sent express overnight, FedEx is a great option. This shipping company holds the title for the world’s largest cargo airline. Sending an international shipping service with FedEx is common since they are well known for their global connections and wide range of fulfillment centers. Customers who ship internationally frequently may opt for this local and international shipping service on account of their discounts on express international shipping. For last minute, overnight deliveries FedEx is unmatched.


When it comes to quickly shipping packages internationally, DHL is the shipping company for the job. Their expansive selection of international shipping service networks puts them ahead of their competition when it comes to international reach. Customers may notice lower prices for DHL shipments. For faster shipping estimates consumers may be forced to pay higher fees.


When making your final delivery decision, keep in mind that Kaebox utilizes fulfillment from all of the shipping carriers mentioned above. Our special services include on-demand package pick up and delivery, schedule the arrival of your courier up to two hours in advance or request an instant pick up! Included with this service our Kaeboxer will bring packaging for your item, print out your shipping label on the spot, and deliver your package to its destination. If the address you are sending the item to is within 150 miles the Kaeboxer is able to fulfill the delivery the same day! If you require an international shipping service you are able to view and compare shipping carrier prices in real time in the Kaebox app. Choose USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx to fulfill your delivery.

Kaebox brings the shipping store to your door. No matter which carrier you choose, enjoy discounted shipping services when placing your order in the Kaebox app. When it comes down to it, Kaebox always delivers. Sign up for your free account today and start saving time and money on shipping. Join our mailing list to keep up with the latest updates from Kaebox.

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