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How to Save on Shipping With Kaebox

Rising Shipping Rates

With the continuous rise in online shopping, consumers expect faster delivery estimates and lower shipping rates. The unfortunate reality is that retailers are often forced to raise prices in order to compete with this explosion in eCommerce. This trend is expected to continue with online sales rising and offline sales falling. Consumers often cite the convenience of online shopping to be one of the major influences on their spending habits. Shoppers now expect same day shipping to become the new standard. Most on-demand package pick up and delivery service providers are scrambling to meet the demands of the modern consumer. As we enter this digitization age of logistics, Kaebox evolves as the one stop solution to the public's desire for a simple same day delivery service. The need for a reliable, on-demand package and shipping service is clear. Our app based package pick up and delivery service keeps prices low and delivery speeds high.

The cost of package pick up and delivery time estimates can vary depending on the shipping company fulfilling your order. With so many options when it comes to sending mail, how do you know which provider to choose? Kaebox is here to make that choice clear. We provide users with accessible shipping solutions. Our on-demand package and shipping service is affordable, efficient, and easy to use. We work directly with every major shipping company to provide you with unlimited choices when it comes to customizing your at home package pick up.

Competitive Pricing At Kaebox

Our competitive pricing ensures you get the best deal for your delivery, guaranteed. Shipping counter prices often increase throughout the holiday season. Demands skyrocket as shipping carriers adjust their prioritized shipments to avoid delays. Finding an affordable shipping rate that also provides on-demand package pick up and shipping services may even seem impossible. Sifting through pages and pages of pricing on USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx is no way to spend your days. We track prices so you don’t have to! Do not overpay for on-demand package and shipping services. Instead of finding out what your item costs to ship at the counter, get prices in real time at home. Ordering a package pickup at home is an excellent way to avoid the fees added on at the post office. Keep track of pricing easily when ordering an on-demand package and shipping service request through the Kaebox app. Our users automatically receive major discounts when you ship through USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx using the Kaebox app.

We Provide Packaging

Whether you run your own small business, work from home or simply do not have enough hours in your day to make it to the post office, Kaebox has you covered. Preparing a package for the shipping store can be tedious. Finding the right packaging is tough. Finding it in bulk is even harder! Our Kaebox couriers are provided with plenty of parcel bags in a variety of sizes. If you need to submit a bulk order for an on-demand package and shipping service, Kaebox can complete it! Simply make a note of your packaging needs when submitting your package pick up request and the Kaeboxer will bring everything you need to prepare your shipment. Running a small business at home can lead to a stressful environment when your living room suddenly becomes your fulfillment center. Taking care of the packaging and delivery needs of a business all by yourself can become overwhelming quickly. Clear out the packing tape and bubble wrap because Kaebox has your packaging needs covered!

Sending shipments using parcel bags is not only cost effective, it is surprisingly more eco friendly than delivering shipments in large cardboard boxes. Our durable parcel bags provide even more protection against weather conditions like rain and snow. Shipments fulfilled using cardboard boxes are at risk of water damage if left out in the elements. The bulky size and empty space within these cardboard boxes makes it difficult for shipping companies to fulfill multiple orders at once. These packages take up more space in delivery vehicles, therefore creating the need to take more trips to deliver less items. Our lightweight, durable parcel bags are available in seven different sizes. This allows the sender to choose the exact size bag needed to package their item, no need for boxes within boxes within boxes…

Our packaging is even made from recycled plastics to cut down on landfill growth. We believe in helping our planet in any way possible. Since plastic bags are an unfortunate piece of our world, we strive to reuse and recycle them as much as we are able. Utilizing a material that already exists helps us keep costs low so we can continue our research on even greener alternatives to packaging. For now our method is to contribute to the reduction, reuse, and recycling of plastics.

Save Time Schedule Package pick ups

When you have a tight schedule to follow, waiting around for a courier from USPS, UPS, or FedEx to pick up your package is just not going to cut it. Shipping a package is usually not the only task a person intends to complete in one day. This is why Kaebox provides unique scheduling options for on-demand package and shipping services. We believe in giving our customers the choice to control their day. Kaebox provides two separate choices when submitting your package pick up request. You can select ASAP package pick up to request the nearest available courier to your location. Or you may schedule your package pick up request up to two hours in advance. This method ensures there will be an active and available Kaeboxer in your area to answer the request.

Scheduling a package pick up request up to two hours ahead of time can hugely impact a business owner's day. Having access to an on-demand package and shipping service can be life changing. Those who manage a small business understand that shipping times are non-negotiable when it comes to satisfying your customers. One bad experience from a single late order can have detrimental effects on a brand's image. We understand the need for speedy package pick up. Kaebox couriers are constantly monitoring new order requests to select the most efficient route for each fulfillment. Our couriers even utilize various transportation methods to maximize delivery speed. Kaeboxer’s who choose to cycle around major cities see drastic differences in delivery times compared to trucks who get stuck in traffic. Walking couriers are a great option for those who live close by their delivery destination but simply do not have the time to fulfill it themselves. We are proud to provide choices on transportation methods to effectively cover more ground at a lower cost. The information you input during your package pick up request automatically enlists the most efficient shipping method for your order. Choose the on-demand package and shipping service that gives you the freedom to ship your way. Shipping with Kaebox saves you time!

We Provide Shipping Label Printing

Other carriers may offer scheduled pick up services, however they still require users to prepare their item with their own shipping label and postage. Kaebox brings everything you need directly to your door. Forget about printing labels at home! When submitting a package pickup request, Kaebox automatically generates a shipping label which can be printed on the spot. Our drivers are equipped with a state of the art, compact, and portable printer which connects to their smartphone device via bluetooth. This device is compatible with every major shipping company to ensure we can assist you in printing labels for shipments fulfilled by USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Our Kaebox printers are even optimized for printing out international shipping labels so you can prepare global shipments from home.

Kaebox provides users with the ultimate on-demand package and shipping service. We strive to create a shipping solution that is accessible and affordable for all. Spending twice as much on shipping just to get your package delivered on time should not be so easily accepted. Kaebox helps users monitor the pricing provided by other shipping companies to always ensure they make the best decision. We believe in equal access to shipping services. Fast, efficient delivery should not be kept behind a paywall, it should be available for free in the app store! With so many ways to send and receive your shipments, choose the company that will save you time and money. Choose Kaebox.

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