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5 Things to Remember When Ordering Home Package Pick Up

Keep Kaebox in Mind

The age of convenient on-demand package and shipping services is finally here. Sending and receiving mail from the comfort of your home saves you time, and money! When it comes to submitting a request for a fast, efficient on-demand package and shipping service, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Package Weight

The transportation of goods can put a major strain on the vehicles carrying them. Heavier cargo weighs down delivery trucks which generates larger carbon emissions. This is why like many on-demand package and shipping services, Kaebox requires users to fill out the weight of the item they are shipping, prior to fulfilling the pick up request. Two shipments that are the same size but different weights will be assessed and charged in accordance with the cost of transporting it. Lighter shipments often cost less than heavier packages.

2. Package Measurements

However, in recent years, exceptions to this rule have been made. Certain shipping carriers noticed they were actually losing money transporting lightweight items when the package took up a large amount of space in the cargo bay. On-demand package and shipping service providers are starting to pay more attention to the item's dimensional weight (DIM weight). This method developed when transportation companies analyzed their profit margins on certain shipments. They realized that moving larger items that weigh less, is actually taking away space from heavier shipments that generate larger revenue. This discovery led to this new pricing strategy that requires accurate height, width, and length measurements of every shipment. The measurements are paired with the weight to generate the item's dimensional weight, and therefore determine the value it holds for the company. On account of this method, Kaebox requires users to provide us with accurate measurements of the height, width, and length of the item prior to submitting an on-demand package and shipping service request. We work directly with every major shipping company like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. These carriers expect every shipment to reflect these standards. To avoid delays or complications upon fulfillment, take special care to measure your item prior to submitting your on-demand package and shipping service request.

3. Item Details

Taking the time to review the details of your shipment before sending a request for an on-demand package and shipping service will help ensure your package arrives safely at its destination. If you are sending items that are fragile or at risk of damage during transit, ensure the shipment request reflects this information. In the Kaebox app there is an option to mark your shipment as fragile. There is even an option to disclose whether or not the item you are sending contains liquid or not. This information is vital for a hassle free on-demand package and shipping service. Alerting the shipping counter of any liquid in the package will help speed along the security check process. The last thing we want is a shipment that raises red flags at customs. Carefully examine your item and the conditions needed for a safe journey.

4. Pre-Preparation

Ensure your item is prepped for your on-demand package and shipping service. If the shipment contains loose items that may shift during transit, take the time to secure these pieces. If any shipment is damaged while in the care of one of our Kaeboxer’s you can reach out to our team to work out which party may be at fault. We will then carefully investigate any claims in regards to mishandled deliveries. Understand that the Kaeboxer likely is not the only person who comes in contact with the item. Items fulfilled at the shipping counter have the potential to come in contact with hundreds of employees. We suggest taking the time to secure your shipment prior to pick up to avoid any complications.

Last but certainly not least, the best advice we can provide to you before you submit a request for an on-demand package and shipping service is to make sure the item is in your possession on location. Once you submit a request for a package pick up it is important that you remain at the address provided to the Kaeboxer. Location access is granted one way in the Kaebox app, the driver will be unable to see your precise location. They follow the instructions provided to them within your shipment request so please update them with any changes to the pick up location. The Kaeboxer’s maintain an efficient schedule that can be thrown off if forced to wait for a user to retrieve their item. In order to experience an easy, efficient on-demand package and shipping service, please prepare your item properly and remain on location until the courier arrives.

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