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Bike, Car, and Walking Courier: What's the Difference?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Efficient Local Shipping Services

Kaebox provides efficient, affordable, and optimized package pick up and delivery services with a range of options including same day delivery services. We believe in giving our couriers freedom to choose how they will transport shipments. Some couriers prefer their personal vehicle, others prefer the efficiency of cycling, and then there are the couriers who love nothing more than walking in the fresh air! No matter what reason they choose, our Kaeboxer’s are always ready to provide you with top quality international and local shipping services.

Car Couriers

Kaebox couriers who fulfill deliveries via car can transport multiple bulk shipments to destinations near and far. These couriers carry higher volumes of packaging and even bring a portable printer to fulfill local shipping services. Kaebox made the decision to utilize existing modes of transport as opposed to commissioning the creation of a fleet of delivery vehicles. Shipping companies often use gas guzzling trucks which can hold far more shipments than one courier can handle. We chose to take a different approach and prioritize the health of the planet, and our couriers. Smaller vehicle sizes mean Kaeboxer’s feel less pressure to complete high volumes of deliveries. Instead of assigning many shipments to one courier, we disperse closer delivery requests to many Kaeboxer’s. This also helps our drivers remain close to their home base to fulfill local shipping services.

Bike Couriers

Cycling is a wonderful, greener alternative mode of transportation. Couriers who choose to fulfill local shipping services while utilizing a bicycle are able to complete direct same day delivery services faster. Instead of sitting in stand still traffic, cyclists can take alternate routes to complete their deliveries quickly. In larger cities it can be difficult for cars to maneuver through busy streets full of pedestrians, public transportation, and strict traffic laws. Providing a local shipping service fulfilled by a bike courier is one of the best ways to serve a metropolitan community.

Pedestrian Couriers

Walking couriers are able to complete package pick up and delivery services within a shorter radius, however they gain unlimited route options. Providing local shipping services to business owners is simple with walking couriers. These Kaeboxers can travel quickly from floor to floor in office buildings, apartments, hotels and more. We provide convenient local shipping services to senior communities which would otherwise be forced to travel outside of their residence to complete themselves. At Kaebox we believe in having the freedom to choose the best local shipping service for you. With so many ways you can ship, choose Kaebox to experience a community based shipping solution.

We care deeply about providing a positive experience to both consumers and couriers. Providing transportation options to choose from as a local shipping service is essential to truly provide adequate service to our communities.

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