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When Can I Order a Package Pick Up

The Right Provider

Finding the right shipping counter to drop off your package at is hard, keeping track of their hours of operation is even harder! There is nothing worse than packaging up a shipment, carrying it out to your car, and driving all the way to the post office only to find out they closed ten minutes before you got there. With the easy to use Kaebox app you can gain access to package pick up and delivery services at your door! When you download Kaebox from the app store you are downloading all of the convenience and power of the post office without having to pay the price.

The Best Price

Our affordable rates make it pain free to order your package pick up and delivery requests. Scheduling a package pick up with another shipping company can be time consuming and expensive. Our package pick up and delivery requests can be scheduled up to two hours in advance or, request an immediate pick up for even faster service. Sending shipments through Kaebox helps you save time and money. We partner directly with every major shipping company to provide you with access to on demand package pick up and delivery services at a discounted rate. Kaebox users have all the power of the shipping store at their fingertips! Select your carrier, your shipping rate, and decide if you want to add a package protection plan.

The customization options never end with Kaebox. When ordering your package pick up and delivery you can decide when we notify you about your shipment, every step of the way. Our package pick up and delivery requests can even be scheduled up to two hours in advance! Ship packages your way with Kaebox.

Real Time Store Hours

When the time comes to submit your request for a package pick up and delivery, your options for shipping providers will be presented to you in real time. Avoid the stress of a shipment getting delayed or sent back simply because the store was closed. You will be notified during your request if the shipment can be fulfilled or not. This technology will help you save time every time you submit a package pick up and delivery request. The Kaebox app was designed with streamlined shipping services in mind. You will never need to worry about a shipment getting kicked back on account of schedule conflicts.

Our couriers even take photos of your shipment at pick up and drop off so you know exactly where your package is and when it was delivered. As soon as your package pick up and delivery request is fulfilled, the Kaebox app will automatically provide you with live location services so you can track your shipment easily. When it comes to efficiently scheduling your package pick up and delivery requests, Kaebox is the app for you.

Our couriers will always go above and beyond when fulfilling your shipment. Rest easy knowing your delivery is in good hands. Save time and money by sending packages through the Kaebox app, available for download now.

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