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Get Packages Picked Up Anywhere

The Ultimate Shipping Solution

You never know when you will find yourself in a shipping emergency and require same day delivery service. Luckily Kaebox is the ultimate solution to shipping on demand. Typically when consumers set out to send a package, letter, or other documents they picture themselves hauling everything up to the post office all alone. They are subjected to varying commute times, difficult traffic patterns, poor weather conditions, and then they need to locate a place to park. Once inside the shipping store there are usually long wait times since package preparation can be a lengthy process. Relying on the post office’s packaging is not necessarily the easiest option. Customers sending abnormally shaped items may find that they do not fit perfectly into a square box. On top of it all, printing the correct shipping label is of utmost importance. Customers who print labels at home may be disappointed when they arrive at the shipping counter only to be told it is in the incorrect format.

We can help you avoid those shipping counter headaches. There is no need to visit the shipping counter in order to retrieve packaging. Our app based package pick up and delivery service will send a courier directly to your location, with everything needed to prepare a shipment. Our parcel bags are durable, secure, and come in seven sizes so you always choose the right fit. Save yourself the gas, bus fare, and effort that getting to the post office requires. The days spent waiting in line after hauling hefty items from home are finally over! It is time for convenience and cost effective shipping to meet. The public needs a same day delivery service they can depend on. We are proud to unveil an optimized, efficient shipping company with a focus on keeping consumers happy. This groundbreaking, new same day delivery service is known as Kaebox.

Ship From Home

Getting out of the house is no easy task for many members of our communities. Senior citizens should not be expected to carry their own shipments to the post office. We believe in providing only top quality, full service package pick up and delivery. That means we take care of all the heavy lifting. At Kaebox we strive to create a package pick up experience that is simple, stress free, and secure. Our couriers are equipped with all the tools necessary to package your item, print out your shipping label, and provide efficient, trackable same day delivery services. If you prefer a shipping carrier such as USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx to fulfill your delivery needs, our couriers will bring the item directly to your shipping counter of choice. When you send mail from home using Kaebox you will even access deep discounts on all major shipping services!

Ship From Work

Get chores done before you even go home. Our courier service makes it easy to ship packages from anywhere to everywhere! Whether you need important documents rushed to the office or want to call in a lunch order for you and your coworkers, Kaebox has you covered! Our easy, affordable same day delivery service provides you with unique customization options within our app. Your Kaebox account can send, receive, and order shipments from unlimited locations. There is no need to tie yourself down to shipping from one home base. Take the shipping store with you wherever you go by downloading the Kaebox app to your mobile device. There is no need to rush to the shipping counter straight away after work. You never need to worry about closing times when shipping with Kaebox. Our couriers are able to complete same day deliveries if the destination is within 150 miles of the pick up location.

Ship From School

When students head off to college they are often many miles away from their home. Kaebox makes it easier to stay connected by providing on-demand same day delivery services to students at an affordable price! Sending home a “proud parent” University tee shirt is a great way to test out delivery times between your school and family. Shipping home a gift is an even better way to inspire mom to ship some care packages that remind you of home! Kaebox can even help with those missing textbooks conveniently left back home over Winter break. Sending students school supplies has never been easier thanks to Kaebox.

Ship From Restaurants

If you ever find yourself deep in conversation with friends and cannot find it in you to leave dinner to make a delivery, call in Kaebox to carry out your same day delivery service for you! Our couriers will gladly visit any valid address to pick up your package, even if it is another business. So sit down and enjoy your dinner, Kaebox has that shipment covered.

Ship From Hospitals

When the time comes to provide comfort and care to loved ones in the hospital, do not let approaching due dates pull you away. Get important documents picked up and delivered the same day easily by using the Kaebox app. Even from inside of a hospital, package pick up requests can be made. Our couriers only need the address and any special instructions needed to enter the building. You even have the option within the Kaebox app to contact your courier if you need to provide further explanation on where they need to pick up the item from you. Doctors, nurses, and any other hospital staff members can even enjoy our on-demand package pick up and same day delivery services. Emergency responders often work irregular hours that make it increasingly difficult to accomplish tasks when they are off the clock. Providing a shipping solution that caters to the unique needs of all workers is vital to our goal of creating an accessible same day delivery service.

Ship From The Shopping Mall

Have you ever seen a deal that was just too good to pass up? Shopping for bulky items like televisions, exercise equipment, and furniture can be difficult when the store does not provide delivery options. It is unfair to expect everyone to own a vehicle capable of transporting large purchases back home. Certain Kaeboxer’s utilize cars that can assist with large shipments. When submitting your package pick up request make sure you provide accurate measurements to ensure your courier has the capability to fulfill the request. If you are unsure about the exact dimensions of your item, reach out to the courier directly to verify they will be able to pick up your item. Never miss out on a deal by utilizing the fast and easy Kaebox same day delivery service.

Ship From Anywhere, To Everywhere

When it comes to package pick up, choose the ultimate shipping solution! Our unique courier service can package, print labels, and pick up packages to bring to the shipping counter or deliver the same day. At Kaebox we know that life can be unpredictable. Which is why we are prepared to pick up packages anytime, anywhere. Choose a courier service you can count on. Sign up for your free Kaebox account today.

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