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Advancing Shipping Equity for the Homebound

The Ultimate On-Demand Package and Shipping Service

Do you have letters, packages, and documents that need to be mailed? Do you also find it difficult to make your way to the shipping counter, or leave home in general?

Well we hope to be the solution for you. Kaebox provides on-demand package and shipping services to anyone, anywhere. Our app based shipping service allows you to send mail from any location without having to take a trip to the post office just to grab boxes and shipping labels.

From Your Door to The Shipping Store

Kaebox couriers are equipped with everything you need to prepare a package for shipment. We provide on-demand package and shipping services all from the touch of a button. When you request a package pick up through the Kaebox app our streamlined software automatically generates a shipping label for you. This label is then emailed both to you and the courier who will fulfill your on-demand package and shipping service. The choice is yours to decide who will print the label. We understand that not everyone has their own printer or can manage to change the ink every time it inevitably runs out. This is why we provide our couriers with state of the art, portable printers. These machines are easy to use and quickly create a shipping label and a specialized QR code that is unique to your shipment. We take package safety very seriously at Kaebox and this single step allows us to ensure your shipment always arrives safely.

Upon arrival the Kaeboxer will offer you packaging if you selected this option while submitting your request for the on-demand package and shipping service. If you would like to use your own packaging this is also completely fine when shipping with Kaebox. We believe in giving our customers the freedom to choose how their shipment is fulfilled. Once the item is packaged and the labels are secured, the Kaeboxer will take a photo of the item prior to leaving. At the drop off location the Kaeboxer will then photograph the shipment a second time. This method ensures that the item was not damaged during transportation and that the correct item is delivered to the right location. If you need to contact your courier for any reason during the on-demand package and shipping service then you may reach them through the Kaebox app.

The drop off destination is up to you. If the destination is within 150 miles of the on-demand package and shipping service then the Kaeboxer is able to fulfill the shipment the same day. If the destination falls outside of this range then the shipment can be fulfilled through USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. We partner directly with these shipping carriers to secure the best price for our users. When ordering an on-demand package and shipping service request in the Kaebox app you will be able to compare prices in real time.

There is no reason to venture out to complete shipments anymore. Sending and receiving mail has never been easier thanks to Kaebox. Our easy to use, affordable on-demand package and shipping service can even pick up orders to deliver directly to your door. From grocery deliveries, to pharmacy runs Kaebox can do it all. So sign up for the on-demand package and shipping service that you can depend on. Download Kaebox and create your account now, no credit card required. Join our newsletter so you never miss an update.

Ship safe, Ship Kaebox.


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