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How Do I Identify My Kaebox Courier

Shipping Safety

In an age of porch pirates, you can never be too careful when it comes to trusting a local shipping service. Thieves often target large delivery vehicles that draw attention to the expensive shipments they may carry. When you utilize a local shipping service it is much easier to fly under the radar. Keeping porch pirates off our trail is a Kaebox specialty. Our couriers complete shipments using multiple forms of transportation. There is no specific uniform for our Kaeboxer’s so thieves cannot follow them through apartment buildings.

Courier Identification

This method begs the question, ‘how do I identify my Kaeboxer’? When the courier arrives to fulfill your local shipping service request their vehicle will be marked by a small, unique Kaebox brand sticker. Of course this is not the only way we identify ourselves. Upon arrival you will receive a series of notifications to let you know exactly where your Kaeboxer is. Customizations for your local shipping service notifications can be modified during your pick up request in the Kaebox app. Choose how often you would like to receive updates regarding your order.

Verify Shipment

As soon as the courier arrives at your location they will print out a special QR code that is unique to your package. This method ensures that all shipments carried through our local shipping service can be tracked easily. The Kaeboxer will scan this code at the pick up point. Once they complete the local shipping service the code will be scanned once more at the drop off location. These codes are separate from the shipping label, which your Kaeboxer will be able to print on location of the local shipping service as well. Providing a unique code to scan upon pick up and drop off allows us to verify each and every shipment. The courier must take a photo of the package at both locations as well. This provides the user with photo evidence of their completed local shipping service.

There should be no doubt in your mind that the courier that arrives to pick up your package is the correct person. Kaebox carefully looks over every application and conducts background checks on all couriers prior to hiring. Rest assured that your shipment is in good hands. When you request a local shipping service with Kaebox, know that it is with a Kaeboxer you can trust. Sign up for your free account now to start sending happiness. Stay up to date with the latest news from your local shipping service by joining our newsletter.

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