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Where Can My Courier Deliver

Easy Package Pick Up

When it comes to requesting a package pick up and delivery, there is nothing worse than receiving the notification that your address or the destination is out of range for the courier. At Kaebox we know that finding the right international shipping service can be tough. We are here to provide delivery on demand to all!

When you submit a package pick up request in the Kaebox app you will see all of your options for shipping in the palm of your hand. We provide unique customization options not found at any other international shipping service provider. If you repeatedly find yourself reaching out to customer representatives to fix mistakes made by other shipping companies, it’s time to give Kaebox a try. We put you in direct contact with your courier so you can ensure your package can get where it needs to go.

Address Accessibility

Providing our users with a wide range of shipping options is important for an international shipping service. Our couriers can complete package pick up and deliveries utilizing several different types of vehicles. They are able to reach your location and transport your item via car, motorcycle, bicycle, or by walking. This is vital for folks in neighborhoods that may be difficult to navigate or even park in. Providing equal access to affordable, reliable international shipping services is a key aspect of the Kaebox mission.

Local & International Shipping Services

When a Kaebox courier picks up your local or international shipping service request, they are able to transport the item either directly to its destination or to the shipping counter of your choosing. We partner directly with other local and international shipping service providers like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. By partnering with major international shipping service providers we can secure the best shipping rates possible for our users. The range of delivery available for local same day delivery is dependent on the courier and their vehicle type. Within your package pick up request in the Kaebox app be sure to select the shipping carrier you would like to fulfill your international shipping service. The courier will then print out a special Kaebox QR code that is unique to your shipment. This helps us ensure that each and every package is delivered to the correct address and no one else can accept the shipment.

The courier fulfilling the domestic or international shipping service request will scan the QR code upon pick up and drop off of the package. You will be notified in the Kaebox app when the shipment is complete. Track the live location of your Kaeboxer and the shipment all from the easy to use Kaebox app!

Kaebox provides access to a wide variety of local and international shipping services. We strive to create the ultimate shipping experience for every single customer. If you have questions regarding our range of services please contact We truly value any and all feedback from our users.

If you would like to join our mailing list to stay updated with the latest announcements from Kaebox, click here. To start shipping packages directly from home you can sign up for a free account now!

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