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Gifting Tips & Tricks for 2022

The Perfect Package

Finding the perfect gift for family and friends is hard enough, shipping delays make the holidays even harder. This year Kaebox is giving you our tried and true, gifting tips and tricks for 2022. These simple life hacks are guaranteed to become a holiday staple once you give them a try. So keep reading if you would like to find out how you can dazzle your loved ones with the perfect presents!

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The Sales Have Sailed

Every year the holiday season creeps up on us. One second you’re taking down your Christmas decorations and the next you’re pulling them back out of storage! It is now December and the biggest sales of the season have come and gone. The pressure for finding the perfect gift has never been greater. Shipping deadlines quickly approach while you search for gifts on barren shelves. Stress creeps in as the calendar days fly by. Worse yet, buying gifts is only the first hurdle of the holiday season. Shipping presents during peak season proves to be increasingly difficult with each passing year. We know you have a million things on your to-do list right now and the last thing you want to do is wait in long lines at the mall or post office. Searching for ‘package drop-off near me’ is an irrelevant question when Kaebox can pick-up packages anytime, anywhere. Kaebox is capable of alleviating your shipping counter headache. We save you time and money by picking up your gifts directly from your front door and hand delivering them to their destination. Whether you would like your shipment brought to a shipping carrier like USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx or if you choose Kaebox to fulfill your local delivery needs, we have you covered.

Shipping Should Be Easy

We are here to make the holidays easy. Our shipping service is designed to make shipping convenient and accessible for everyone. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, Kaebox will help you accomplish your to-do list. Getting errands done while staying home, working late at the office, or traveling can be incredibly difficult. Especially for the more vulnerable populations at risk during the Winter. There are many risks associated with leaving the house during freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, and poor visibility. Add a mobility issue or physical impairment and the task becomes exponentially harder to accomplish. Serving the communities that are unable to fulfill shipments on their own is one of the core values that drove the creation of Kaebox. We take special care to listen to the needs of our friends, families, and neighbors so our methods are compatible with everyone. Carrying bulky items to the shipping counter, especially in the middle of Winter, is a recipe for disaster. Kaebox provides professional door to door package pick-up and delivery. Our couriers are prepared to pack and receive documents, gifts, and any other shipments that do not fall on our prohibited items list. The convenience of door to door delivery cannot be beat. Since this is the season of giving, allow us to give you the gift of free time! When you begin shipping packages, documents, and letters through Kaebox you will be amazed by the extra time on your hands! Order your package pick-up request and start sending out gifts to beat the shipping delays. The sooner you send your shipments into the mailstream the more likely it is they will arrive on time and avoid delays. If you have not finished your shopping, consider creating a gift from scratch this year.

Create, Ship, Deliver

Kaebox is here to provide you with a few gift ideas that can easily be made at home! Most of these can be completed with items you can find around your house. Choose from one of the affordable, DIY crafts below to save money on gifting and shipping this year! The holiday season is notorious for draining budgets. This year the prices on the shelves are reaching new heights. Inflation has impacted everybody, consumer and business alike. The price of goods and services has gone up roughly 8.2% since last year and will no doubt impact this year's shopping patterns. Even if you do not consider yourself to be an artist, a handmade gift made with love holds more value than a masterpiece ever could. Take our word for it, nothing beats a handwritten letter! If you want to get crafty this Christmas, try out these awesome DIY gift ideas:

  • Homemade Orange Cranberry Soap: We all need to use soap, and cranberries are packed with antioxidants that are great for your skin! Try your hand at mixing a batch of homemade soap bars to include in gift baskets or stockings.

  • DIY Sleeping Mask: Experts recommend we get at least 7 hours of restful sleep every night. The best way to guarantee you will catch some Z’s is to slip on a homemade sleeping mask made with love.

  • Knit Plant Cover: For those plant parents that just want to keep their babies warm this Winter. Cuddle up with your cactus and create a unique, customizable gift that will bring a smile to any botanist's face.

  • Sunglass Case: Simple, functional, and fashionable. The three things a DIY gift should be! Help your friends keep track of their specs by crafting them each a personalized case for their glasses.

  • DIY Sock Sloth: Now here is a great use for those lonely socks taking up space in your drawer. Give new life to old belongings with this adorable and easy to follow DIY sock sloth stuffed toy!

Let us reiterate, you do not need to be an expert in art to create. The substance of a handmade gift by far transcends above the perfection of a manufactured product. Taking the time to create something for another person shows dedication, care, and love. This year give them a gift that speaks from the heart.

Getting Cozy Like Kaebox

If crafting isn’t your thing, try giving the gift of an experience. Summer is not the only season to seek a little adventure. Invite family or friends out for one of the following activities.

  • Homemade Dinner Party: Winter is a great time to try out new recipes considering how much time we spend indoors. Warm up in the kitchen by cooking a meal for friends or baking treats to decorate with your family. Create a new tradition or even put a creative spin on an old family recipe.

  • Snow Fun Outdoors: Looking for a way to cool down instead? If you live somewhere where it snows this is the perfect opportunity to host a snowball fight, sled race, or snow structure contest! When the snow begins to fall, most of us think of the traffic concerns, shipping delays, and freezing temperatures. However this season should be appreciated for the serene, playful nature of snow.

  • Board Games: Whether you plan on putting together a puzzle alone or are taking on teams in charades, games are a great boredom buster. Staying indoors to play cards is a fun and free way to beat the cold outside.

  • Movie Night In: Getting snowed in is the perfect excuse to hibernate in front of the television for a few days. Use the Winter months to catch up on classic films, rewatch favorite shows, or find a new one to binge.

  • Visit a Museum: The quiet reflective atmosphere of a museum provides a wonderful escape from the dull Winter landscape. There are countless forms of museums each focused on their own subject. Choose from art, history, science, culture, and so on! Use your spare time this year to broaden your horizons.

When the time finally comes to send presents to loved ones far away, you will know just who to call. Kaebox is the ultimate shipping store at your door! Our Kaeboxers are equipped to package items, print shipping labels, and pick-up parcels to deliver for you. This season, Kaebox has you covered. We are giving away free* shipping for new users who sign up now through December 31st, 2022. Do not wait to take advantage of this offer! It is only around for a limited time. Enjoy complimentary shipping services by downloading the Kaebox app now.

Delivery on demand is only a download away, signup now to start shipping. If you would like to deliver for Kaebox, please apply here.

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*Subject to terms, conditions, and limitations: 'free' is for pickup and drop-off fees only, excludes the courier postage.

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