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How to Send Mail from School

Shipping At School

Found yourself asking “How to ship from school”? Well here is the answer! Kaebox is the first app based package pick up and delivery service that provides a fully functioning shipping store experience directly to your dormitory. Sending letters, packages, and documents from a college campus has never been easier thanks to the Kaebox app. No matter how many miles away from home your University is, rest assured that Kaebox can help keep you connected with our on demand package pick up services.

We provide packaging, shipping label printing and so much more! Take a look at a few of our offered services:

  • Same Day Delivery (Up to 150 miles)

  • International Shipping

  • Door to Door Delivery

  • Scheduled pick up

  • Live Shipment Tracking

  • Unique Customization Options

  • Complementary Packaging

  • On Location Shipping Label Printing

  • Discounts on Major Shipping Carriers

  • & More!

To begin your shipping journey, download the Kaebox app from the app store. You can sign up for a free account easily and quickly. Once you complete your account set up it is time to start shipping!

Step One

First things first, you will need to open the Kaebox app and click on “new shipment”. Here is where you will begin your package pick up and delivery journey. A new screen will pop up with a few empty boxes you will need to fill out. You will first enter the information for the pickup location. Input the sender’s first and last name in addition to the sender’s cell phone number. Add the address that the package needs picked up from and double check it is correct prior to submitting. The Kaebox app automatically reads and locates the address you type, so if the address is invalid the Kaebox app will not accept the shipment request. Mark the address as either residential or commercial. Since this request is for a school package pick up and delivery, select either residential or commercial depending on the address you provide. The Kaebox app will then present a list at the bottom of this page so you may select the exact address before moving forward.

Step Two

Next, you will be prompted to fill out the information for the recipient. It is important to note that this is a separate address from the shipping counter fulfilling your shipment. Even if USPS is the next stop for your package, do not write the address for the shipping counter unless you intend that to be your package’s final destination. Make sure you confirm the address with your recipient to ensure the delivery will arrive at the correct location. You will need to enter the recipient’s name, phone number, and address. Just like the first step you will be prompted to mark whether this destination is a commercial or residential address. Then select the correct format from the drop down list of addresses before proceeding.

Step Three

Once you have finalized the package pick up and drop-off addresses it is time to input your shipment details. Select what type of shipment you would like to fulfill; envelope or parcel. Then enter the exact measurements of your item to avoid unnecessary issues upon fulfillment. You will need to know your shipment's weight, width, height, and length. These measurements should be as accurate as possible. Finally indicate whether your shipment is fragile or if you are shipping any liquid. This helps us understand which shipments need extra care during loading and unloading at the shipping counter. To avoid legal complications make sure you review our prohibited items before submitting your package pick up and delivery request.

Step Four

After reviewing the list of prohibited and restricted items it is time to select your shipping carrier and add shipping insurance if you desire coverage for your shipment. The insurance amount is completely customizable so you maintain full control of your order total. A drop down list of shipping carriers is available during this step to show you prices in real time. If a carrier is unavailable at the time of your package pick up and delivery request the Kaebox app will not allow you to select said carrier. If the destination is within 150 miles of the package pick up address you have the choice to fulfill the delivery through Kaebox directly as well. Once you select your shipping provider it is time to choose your shipping tier. This step allows you to send priority overnight shipments or simply send your package using ground shipping. Here you will also see the choice to use your own packaging or opt to use packaging provided by Kaebox. We offer seven different sizes of parcel bags made from durable recycled plastic.

Step Five

Next you will decide when you would like the Kaeboxer to arrive. Scheduling package pick ups is a great way to stay on top of your day and ensure the courier will arrive when you are ready. With Kaebox you can control your package pick up and delivery schedule. If your shipment is prepared to ship right away feel free to select the ASAP pick up option.

Step Six

You will be able to review all the details of your shipment prior to moving on to the payment screen. Take special care to double check that all the information is correct before requesting your package pick up and delivery at school. You will be able to review the pick up location, drop-off location, shipping carrier, shipping tier, packaging choice, pick up schedule, add any special instructions and even toggle individual notification settings for your shipment.

Notifications you can choose to receive for your package pick up request are:

  • Courier En Route to Pickup Location

  • Courier Nearing Pickup Location

  • Courier Arrived at Pickup Location

  • Package Photo Taken at Pickup Location

  • Courier Departed to Drop Off Location

  • Courier Nearing Drop Off Location

  • Courier Reached Drop Off Location

  • Package Photo Taken at Drop Off Location

  • Delivery Completed

  • Package Not Picked Up For 30 Minutes

  • Package Not Picked Up For 60 Minutes

  • Package Not Picked Up For 90 Minutes

  • Auto Cancel Package After 120 Minutes

Step Seven

​​Finally, once you reach the final screen it is time to review your package pick up and delivery request total and add your payment method. Review your order total to determine if everything matches your entry. Once you are satisfied with the package pick up order total, add your preferred payment method. This can be completed with a credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay.

After you submit your package pick up and delivery request to your school you can manage the order in the ‘Shipments’ tab in the Kaebox app. This page allows you to review past orders and track shipments currently in progress. If you have any concerns or questions you can contact your courier once they have been assigned to your package pick up and delivery request. Updates to your shipment will appear here so you may monitor your shipment every step of the way. Should you choose to cancel your shipment you can complete that here as well.

Congratulations! You have just completed your first package pick up and delivery request at school. Kaebox strives to provide easy, affordable shipping services to everyone, everywhere! Even though you may be a thousand miles from home, we hope our package pick up and delivery services can help you feel a little closer to the ones you love. Sending and receiving handwritten letters or customized care packages can make a huge difference in someone's mood. So start sending happiness with Kaebox today and sign up for your free account now.

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