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Putting an End to Careless Couriers

Packages Left in Plain Sight

Are you tired of coming home from work to see your package haphazardly laying on your steps, in plain view from the street? It may not seem like the end of the world to the driver who is trying to finish their day, but to the receiver, this is a huge problem.

It is necessary for companies to hire and train seamless delivery drivers who understand the importance of package security. It is no surprise that 48% of shoppers do not believe shipping companies are doing enough to prevent this theft. As the number of packages stolen each year continues to grow, it is finally time for a new courier to step up with a fleet of seamless delivery drivers.

Far too many companies ignore the feedback they receive from users. Reports of non-seamless delivery drivers bringing packages to the wrong address grow more and more common. Even when consumers submit reports that these mistakes are made repeatedly, they are the ones tasked with tracking down their own shipments!

Why should the public be forced to look after their own packages they have entrusted with these seemingly seamless delivery drivers?

Sending packages can be stressful enough, there is no need to tack on tracking anxiety. Users should be able to depend on the courier service they have selected. This is why we suggest you seek your seamless delivery driver through the Kaebox app!

Delivery Done Right

Our couriers are hand-picked from hundreds of applicants so only the best of the best deliver for us. Each driver must pass our background check and meet all of our standards in order to become a Kaebox seamless delivery driver. We monitor driving reports daily to verify all shipments sent through the Kaebox app were completed as promised.

When you ship with Kaebox, you instantly receive live tracking updates based on your customizable notification settings! Watch your personal courier from the moment they accept your request, until the last step of the delivery journey. You can enjoy the comfort of your own home while you watch your package travel across town with your seamless delivery driver.

You will notice upon pick up that the courier is required to submit photo proof of the package in order to verify your request. This is done by scanning a unique QR code that is generated specifically for your shipment. We have entrusted our seamless delivery drivers with this special process to ensure each and every parcel remains in perfect condition throughout its journey.

When the seamless delivery driver transports your parcel to the destination you will then receive a second picture as proof of delivery. Using these photos the user is able to verify the condition of the package in case any issues arise later on.

Transportation You Can Trust

At Kaebox we take our responsibility to protect your package very seriously. Our couriers go out of their way to keep your shipment out of public view if no one is available to accept the shipment. You can even leave special instructions for your seamless delivery driver in the Kaebox app! Please provide them with precise directions if you have a designated package container on your property.

We will always take special care of each and every shipment sent through Kaebox. Worry less, ship more! Order your on-demand package pick up now to receive stellar service from our seamless delivery drivers.

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