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Track Packages ASAP with the Kaebox app

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Tracking Tips & Tricks

There is nothing worse than when the package you are tracking suddenly disappears without a trace. In our digital globalized world there should be no reason for a shipment to vanish without justification. This unfortunately common occurrence can only be the result of logistics mismanagement and package pick up and delivery companies who do not see the value in each and every shipment.

Finding a package pick up and delivery company that provides you with immediate tracking information can feel overwhelming. The uncertainty of the location of a shipment is enough to put anyone on edge.

At Kaebox we understand that some may just see a package, but we see the care, love, and meaning each shipment holds. Sometimes the only connection a family can maintain is through the mail stream. Losing a package may seem like a run of the mill service error to the corporate giants, but to the rest of us, we know it is only the result of a company that has cut corners.

Access Tracking ASAP

When you send a shipment through the Kaebox app it is instantly trackable. You will be able to watch the real time location of your courier as soon as they pick up your item. With Kaebox there is no doubt about your delivery estimates when you are able to keep up with the shipment in real time. Other shipping carriers often send notifications that the package has shipped when in reality it is still waiting at the fulfillment center. This type of suspense is unbecoming of a package pick up and delivery service. Users should be able to trust their carriers and send shipments quickly without issue. Our couriers are given optimized routes to fulfill their package pick up and delivery requests. Kaeboxer’s are able to provide same day package pick up and delivery services when the destination is within 150 miles of the pick up location. This allows us to fulfill multiple package pick up and delivery services along the way, covering even more ground.

For destinations out of the local range your Kaeboxer will bring the shipment directly to the shipping counter of your choice. When requesting your package pick up and delivery request in the Kaebox app you will notice several fulfillment options to choose from. We partner with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL so we can provide you with optimal delivery times and even lower shipping rates with the Kaebox app. We are proud to give our users a wide range of options when choosing the shipping carriers completing the last mile delivery of their package pick up and delivery request. Customize everything about your shipment from the packaging used, printing services available, notifications, and even scheduling the time your Kaeboxer arrives. At Kaebox we believe in providing accessible, convenient, and affordable package pick up and delivery services to everyone around the world.

Track your shipment as it travels across the globe with our international package pick up and delivery services. Kaebox can print out your international shipping label on the spot and completely prepare your package to pass through customs. We give our users peace of mind with our live tracking options in the Kaebox app.

Sign up for your free account today! Start saving on shipping and track your package all the way to the door.

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