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Avoid Intercepted Packages & Ship Direct with Kaebox

The Christmas Crisis

The scourge of the holiday season is getting worse with each passing year. What is this threat to our holly, jolly holiday season you ask? Porch pirates. With such a large volume of packages entering the mail stream during these few Winter months there is a staggering jump in stolen shipments. It is hard to find a local shipping service that has not fallen victim to this growing issue. This crime is largely opportunistic however there are ways to avoid becoming a porch pirate victim. Roughly 30-50% of Americans have gotten at least one package stolen off of their porch before. This statistic is troubling, especially with the rise in popularity of online shopping. An estimated $19.5 billion in merchandise is stolen annually by porch pirates. Based on these numbers it is clear there is an epidemic of package thieves on our hands. Kaebox is the local shipping service that is tackling this issue head on.

Packages in Peril

There are countless individuals and families who rely on shipments to receive vital medicine and equipment. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence with the convenience of home delivery. Many individuals rely on reliable local shipping services directly to their door on account of physical restrictions that keep them from picking the item up themselves. The senior citizen community should not be expected to run their own errands simply to avoid theft. Even family members ordering medical equipment for loved ones in nursing homes are not spared by the cold hearted criminals. The impact left by this seemingly harmless crime can be detrimental to the health of individuals unable to leave home. The thieves are hopeful that the stolen packages will contain a highly valuable electronic device, luxury brand item, or other big ticket items with a tempting resale value. Those of us that shop online know that this is hardly the case.

Almost everything is fulfilled via internet orders and delivered directly to our homes via local shipping services. Online shopping has skyrocketed in the last three years. This trend is continuing while workers return to the office and homes are left empty during peak delivery hours. This leaves an open opportunity for thieves to approach porches and mailboxes without anyone spotting them. Nonetheless, shoppers still turn to online storefronts and services as more and more of us seek convenience. Everyday objects and groceries are more than likely showing up in boxes outside, not a watch that costs as much as a car or a brand new smartphone. The issue is, when the item that is stolen turns out to be invaluable, the thief will simply choose to discard it. Porch pirates would rather trash a shipment than run the risk of being turned in if they return the unwanted item. The chances a thief will strike gold and steal a package actually worth their while is low. However this does not seem to deter this crime.

Package Theft Reporting

Surprisingly, the cases that are actually reported are staggeringly low. The median price of stolen packages falls around $50. This factor likely influences a consumer's decision to pursue legal action or investigation. The average porch pirate victim often feels it is useless to attempt tracking down the thief. Even homeowners with home security devices such as doorbell cameras and motion detecting flood lights fall victim to the pirates. According to a study conducted by ADT, doorbell cameras can reduce crime by up to 50%. However, even when thieves are caught on camera they often are not met with justice no matter what evidence is stacked against them.

It is a federal crime to steal mail. However, this law has some unfortunate loopholes. The packages that fall into protection under this legislation must be a package or parcel from USPS and must be within or adjacent to the mailbox. If a local shipping service provider left your package out on the steps it unfortunately invokes no federal jurisdiction. Factors such as the package's value, where it was stolen from, and whether the thief is a repeat offender will influence the severity of the charge. In some states when the value of the package is less than $500 the thief will be charged with misdemeanor. This charge can be upgraded to a class 4 felony offense when the value of the package exceeds $500.

As technology and social media advance, there is a new method used to deter porch pirates. There have now been countless counter attacks created by scorned online shoppers who take matters into their own hands. They have created fake delivery boxes full of some unsavory surprises for the unlucky thief. Of course as the old saying goes, an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. To avoid finding yourself in legal trouble from a porch pirate revenge plot gone wrong, we have some suggestions to avoid becoming a victim of this crime.

Tips to Deter Porch Pirates

Kaebox suggests you take other courses of action prior to the shipment even reaching your porch. If you know you will be at work when the package is scheduled to arrive then perhaps try sending the parcel there instead. Enquiring about scheduled same day deliveries from your local shipping service provider is another excellent way to ensure your shipment will not get stolen. This guarantees there will be someone on site to accept the delivery and avoid drawing unwanted attention to your home.

When submitting your order for the delivery, see if you are able to request a signature verification. This will keep your package perfectly safe by ensuring there will be someone home to receive the item and bring it inside. If there is no one to accept the delivery, the local shipping service provider will simply bring it back to their shipping counter. The item can be picked up by a Kaeboxer and delivered to you directly as well.

Time is of the essence once the package arrives. Thieves have been reported following the local shipping service delivery trucks stealing packages just moments after they are delivered. Utilizing a doorbell camera can significantly reduce your chances of package theft. In a study conducted by the University of North Carolina, convicted package thieves were asked how doorbell cameras impacted their decision to steal someone else’s delivery. The findings from this study revealed that 60% of thieves checked for cameras prior to committing the crime while 40% of the group admitted that seeing a doorbell camera would deter them entirely.

If you are unable to try any of the methods above, consider ensuring your shipment to at least secure coverage should your item be stolen. When ordering expensive gifts this might be a good idea anyways considering the severity of the porch pirate epidemic. When you order a package pick up through Kaebox we allow users to choose the exact amount they insure an order for. Sending and receiving shipments through Kaebox is safe, simple, and secure!

Save on Shipping

Kaebox is here to save the day with our direct door to door delivery style. Our couriers are the safest option when it comes to transporting goods to and from your home. We thoroughly review each and every application and do not employ anyone until they pass our background check. Providing communities with a high quality local shipping service is a privilege. Kaebox places safety as our top priority. This means protecting our customers, our Kaeboxers, and your shipments. Our couriers operate on a direct, door to door delivery method. The Kaeboxer will scan your package upon fulfillment and even provide photo evidence of the delivery. You can track your shipment live to ensure it stays on the right track.

Using the Kaebox app is easy, cost effective, and efficient. We currently provide local shipping services to five pilot cities; New York City, Jersey City, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. To learn how to create the perfect package pick up, read more here. For a limited time Kaebox is offering brand new users an unbeatable shipping deal! Sign up for a free account now to receive access to free shipping. To qualify for this offer you must first create an account, request your package pick up, pay the total, and then send your information to to receive a full refund on the package pick up and delivery portion of your order. The information needed to redeem this offer is your email address, shipment ID, and the total amount.

This is an offer that you do not want to miss out on! Start sending happiness locally, internationally, and frequently at no extra cost to you.

If you would like to deliver for Kaebox, consider applying here. Stay up to date with all the latest news by joining our mailing list here.

Thank you for reading, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and manage to evade the porch pirates.

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