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Get Packages Delivered the Right Way

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Find The One

Finding the right local and international shipping service to fulfill your needs can be difficult. There are so many shipping carriers to choose from and comparing flat rate prices between their websites can feel like you are running in circles. It is time for a new local and international shipping service to step up to the mailbox.

The future of on-demand package pick up and delivery is here, and it is called Kaebox. Our app based local and international shipping service will bring the shipping store to your door with just the touch of a button. You will never need to endure traffic, wait in long lines or battle for parking at the shipping counter ever again. Instead of hauling heavy boxes to the post office to ship, request an at home package pick up with Kaebox!

Kaebox Delivers

Our courier service provides instant access to local and international shipping services all in the Kaebox app. We partner directly with major shipping carriers to carry out last mile deliveries when the distance exceeds our Kaeboxer’s range. We provide fast, affordable same day local delivery for packages and documents. When the address you are sending the item to is within 150 miles of the pick up location our Kaeboxer’s are able to transport your package directly to its destination. This means you do not need to pay postage or worry about printing out any shipping labels. Kaebox couriers carry a state of the art, efficient, portable printer with them to all pick up requests.

This device allows us to print out labels for both local and international shipping services. Never waste your own ink again when you send packages from home with Kaebox. This small, powerful device connects directly to the Kaebox app and automatically generates a shipping label based on the information you provided during your package pick up request. This label is sent directly to you and your Kaeboxer, it is up to you if you would like to print the shipping label yourself, or enjoy our complimentary on the spot printing service.

Ship Your Way

When submitting an order for at home package pick up you will be able to choose to use packaging provided by Kaebox or feel free to use your own packaging. While submitting an order for a local or international shipping service this option will be presented, but you can change your mind once your Kaeboxer arrives if necessary. Our parcel bags come in seven sizes and are made from durable recycled plastic. These mighty packages are capable of withstanding even the worst weather conditions and remain intact. Cardboard boxes absorb water and are easily damaged. This puts your item at risk and sets you up for a poor delivery experience. When you need a package to travel in perfect condition throughout all local and international shipping services, then Kaebox is the delivery company for you.

At Kaebox we are always working to level up our shipping services. Providing reliable, affordable, and convenient local and international shipping services is what we are all about. This can only be done by truly listening to customers and providing the tools to easily request package pick ups to any location. We deliver items directly from your location to their destination. Our couriers are able to pick up and deliver bulk shipments which helps us cut down on overall carbon emissions. By utilizing our courier service instead of transporting your item to the shipping counter yourself, there is a smaller carbon footprint generated for that shipment. The Kaebox app automatically optimizes the routes taken by our Kaeboxer’s. We are proud to offer the freedom of choice to our couriers when selecting which vehicles they will fulfill deliveries in.

At Kaebox, package pick up and delivery requests are fulfilled by couriers using their personal vehicles, bicycles, or by walking. In densely populated areas it makes sense to deliver a shipment on foot instead of by car. If you have ever tried to get across a major city at rush hour from a car then you will understand why. Gridlock traffic is a courier's worst nightmare. In times like this it is usually best to either walk to the destination or ride a bicycle. Offering these methods also allows us to cut down on carbon emissions. We are committed to creating greener methods in the shipping industry. Instead of creating fleets of gas guzzling delivery trucks we chose to utilize vehicles that exist on our roads already. We see no reason to pollute the planet with more local and international shipping service vehicles.

Choose Kaebox

Kaebox provides freedom of choice to all of our customers. When selecting the shipping carrier that fulfills your local or international shipping service you will be able to choose from major shipping companies in the Kaebox app. We partner with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx to make sending and receiving mail a breeze. This partnership allows us to provide users with real time price comparisons in the Kaebox app. Choose the best shipping rate and estimated delivery times for your delivery every single time.

The ultimate on-demand package and shipping tool is here. Download the Kaebox app to start sending happiness today. We take relationships to everythingships. Join our mailing list so you never miss an update!

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