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Sustainability in Shipping

Ship Cleaner & Greener

Choosing the best international and local shipping service sounds simple. What about when you want to choose the most environmentally sustainable international and local shipping service? Today we are going to give you a breakdown on each of the major local shipping service’s sustainability methods.

As most of us already know, the logistics industry can generate a large amount of carbon emissions as well as plastic and cardboard pollution. Greener methods are becoming more available to international and local shipping services, but who is actively seeking them out?

USPS Sustainability

The United States Postal Service has committed to a myriad of greener methods as an international and local shipping service. They are currently on track to reach their goal of diverting 75% of their waste from landfills by 2030. USPS also generates their packaging utilizing recycled plastics. Reducing the amount of plastic entering the waste stream is an essential step as an international and local shipping service.

UPS Sustainability

Ground shipping methods are a top priority for this international and local shipping service. UPS announced that they have set a goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. They plan on using alternative fuels on at least 40% of their local shipping service ground fleet by 2025. Keeping shipping materials from entering the struggling waste stream is an effort that must be employed by all local shipping services if we hope to end the global pollution problem. USPS is a strong supporter of recycling and even recycled 300,000 tons of cardboard, paper, plastic, and other waste materials annually.

DHL Sustainability

As a world renowned global and local shipping service, DHL is taking a unique approach to their environmental commitments. Utilizing zero carbon emission last mile delivery methods like bicycle couriers in densely populated areas is one of their popular changes. Of the vehicles currently fulfilling deliveries for DHL, 60% of them are expected to be replaced with electric vehicles by 2030.

FedEx Sustainability

FedEx is committed to finding greener alternatives as an international and local shipping service. They have plans to replace their entire fleet of ground vehicles with zero-emission electric delivery vehicles. They are even contributing to environmental research by pledging $100 million to the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture.

Kaebox Sustainability

Shipping with Kaebox gives you access to local couriers that use green transportation methods like personal vehicles, bicycles, and by walking. Our app based package pick up and delivery service is directly partnered with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx so you can choose your fulfillment center every time you ship. Kaebox truly combines the best of these businesses with cutting edge transportation technology. Our couriers are equipped with small, portable printers that require low amounts of energy to operate. Kaebox couriers even bring packaging materials with them to package pick up requests, saving you a trip to the post office. Our parcel bags come in seven different sizes and they are made from recycled plastic. Currently we are experimenting with organic materials to create completely biodegradable packaging.

Kaebox strives to create a cleaner, greener world one delivery at a time. Sign up today for your free Kaebox account. Join for our mailing list to get the latest updates from Kaebox.

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