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How Kaebox is Saving the Supply Chain

Bringing the Shipping Store to Your Door

Traditionally when you decide to send a package, letter, or packet of documents you must carry the shipment to the post office yourself. Depending on the area you live in this can be quite the hike. Finding a local or international shipping service provider nearby can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. With Kaebox we bring the shipping store directly to your door!

Long gone are the days where you need to buckle up and brave the traffic clogging the roads. Stay home to ship letters, gifts and more. Standing in line at the shipping counter while trying to find the right packaging for your item can feel overwhelming. On top of that, once you finally reach the front of the line you may find out that the label printing services are on the other side of the store and that was supposed to be your first step upon arrival. Now you restart the process and suddenly an hour has escaped your day.

Save On Shipping

If finding the right local and international shipping service that works for you is the source of your stress, allow us to provide you with some relief. At Kaebox we can complete local and international shipping services for you directly from your door! We operate on an app based platform that utilizes couriers in your area. You can save time and money on local and international shipping services when you sign up for a free Kaebox account.

We provide our Kaeboxer’s with everything you need to prepare a shipment for local or international shipping services from home. Choose any location to send shipments from in the Kaebox app. With Kaebox you can complete local and international shipping services from home, work, school, and more. Our courier will bring packaging for you, print out your shipping label, and bring the item directly to the shipping counter of your choice.

Kaebox partners directly with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx to secure you with the best price and fastest delivery estimates. You can compare prices in real time with the Kaebox app so you always choose the optimal local and international shipping service. If the destination for your package is within 150 miles of the pick up location then our Kaeboxer’s will fulfill the shipment for you the very same day.

Ship With the Best, Ship With Kaebox

We are the first all in one, on-demand package pick up and delivery service. Get shipping labels printed out on the spot, anywhere. Shipping with Kaebox is incredibly secure with our double checkpoint system utilized by all couriers. When the Kaeboxer arrives at your pick up request they will print a special QR code that is unique to your shipment. This QR code is scanned by taking a photo of the package at the pick up location and the drop off destination. This enables users to verify their shipment arrived intact.

Our app is streamlined to create shipment requests easily and quickly. Customize your local or international shipping service request every step of the way. You can even choose exactly which notifications you will receive for your shipment! With Kaebox we believe in the freedom to choose the best local and international shipping service for you. It is time to revolutionize the way we send and receive mail.

Kaebox provides convenience that cannot be beat. Our range of services offered is incomparable to any other carrier. When you need to choose a local or international shipping service that truly cares about your shipment, choose Kaebox. Sign up for your free account today to start sending happiness. Join our mailing list so you never miss an update!


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