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Best Methods for Instant Delivery

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Overwhelming Options

When it comes to choosing the best shipping carrier to fulfill your instant delivery service, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. With so many on-demand package delivery services available on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

Allow us to make your choice a little clearer.

One of the major disadvantages of most package pick up and instant delivery service providers is that they require the user to provide their own packaging and label printing before they even get to your location.

The reality is that someone who is requesting an instant package pick up, likely does not have the time or energy to spend on finding the correct packaging or figuring out how to print the right label from their printer. The entire premise of a convenient service is to create an easy experience for the user. Not assign them with a quest to collect all the pieces of the puzzle for their shipment!

Kaebox Saves the Day

With the Kaebox app we provide couriers with everything they need to prepare a shipment for instant delivery, on-demand.

Our couriers are equipped with portable printers that connect to their Kaebox account and download your unique shipping label on the spot. These printers operate off one charge for hours at a time, allowing our couriers to stay mobile for longer periods of time. These printers even generate a unique QR code for your package which acts as an extra layer of security.

The courier assigned to your instant delivery service will scan the QR code upon pick up and drop off to ensure the correct item reaches its destination. The courier will even provide you with photo evidence of the delivery to put you at ease and ensure package security. Plus, you will gain access to live location tracking as soon as your instant delivery service request is accepted by your personal courier.

Forgot to run out and buy packaging? No problem. Kaebox provides our couriers with seven different sizes of parcel bags made from durable recycled plastic. These bags are designed with you in mind! They include a second adhesive strip which makes it simple to reuse the bag if you need to return a shipment. The measurements you provide during your request for an instant delivery service are automatically calculated to configure the best parcel bag for your item. This suggestion is sent directly to the courier so they know exactly which parcel bag to grab for your item.

You will notice during your request for an instant delivery that we are partnered with major shipping companies like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. The prices presented in the Kaebox app are significantly lower than the a la carte prices on the original websites of each carrier. This is because we have secured discounts as deep as 88% on shipping costs. You will see prices in real time when requesting your package pick up. Rest assured that you are viewing the best prices for instant delivery on the market.

Kaebox is even customizable. You will maintain full control of all notifications regarding your instant delivery service, schedule your pick up service immediately or up to two hours in advance, and you can even contact your courier directly to provide further instructions if necessary.

Make the Right Decision for You

The choice is clear, choose Kaebox for your next package pick up and instant delivery service. We provide top notch service at amazingly low prices! Sign up for your account today, no credit card required.

To learn more about Kaebox and our services click here. If you have any questions regarding Kaebox and our instant delivery service please feel free to send us an email, we would love to hear from you!


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