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Can Kaebox Deliver on Sunday's

Kaebox Same Day Delivery

Ever need to send a letter, package, or present on a Sunday when all the shipping counters are closed? Sometimes deliveries simply cannot wait. At Kaebox we understand the need for a same day delivery service that is available every day of the week. Restricting services to certain hours of operations can leave certain populations without access at all. We strive to provide affordable same day delivery services to everyone no matter what their schedule looks like.

To send a local, same day delivery service shipment directly from door to door you are able to summon a Kaeboxer so long as they are online and accept your shipment! We believe in giving our couriers the freedom and flexibility to determine their own schedules. Limiting the access to same day delivery services seems silly to us. So we allow users to schedule their package pick up and delivery requests up to two hours in advance, wherever and whenever.

Shipping Solutions

The only restriction is for international shipments and same day delivery service requests sent to outside shipping carriers. When submitting a package pick up and same day delivery service request in the Kaebox app remember to verify the shipping counter you would like to fulfill the order. Deliveries within 150 miles of your location can be completed with our Kaebox same day delivery service. Users who select USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx during their pick up request will unfortunately be at the mercy of their hours. Regionally these shipping carriers vary in hours in operation. The Kaebox app utilizes real time data to determine which shipments can be carried out with a same day delivery service. You may notice that your request for an instant order pick up may not be accepted. This can happen if it is submitted outside the operating hours of the business scheduled to fulfill the delivery.

Our Kaeboxers operate on a flexible schedule that is always optimized for customer satisfaction. If you have a special request for your Kaeboxer, you are able to reach out via the Kaebox app to discuss your same day delivery service. Users are able to request instant order pick up requests or schedule a package pick up request up to two hours in advance.

We know that the power to control your day can go a long way. At Kaebox we provide you with the freedom to ship your way. Sign up for your free account now to access the ultimate same day delivery service.

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