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How to accept and deliver your first shipment

Welcome back to Kaebox Blogs! Over the past few weeks we’ve been covering essential tips and tricks for our Delivery Drivers. We highly recommend reading our previous posts How to submit the Kaebox Driver Application and What to do before picking up your first package! before you continue reading.

Now that we’re all caught up, we’ll be showing you how to accept and deliver your first shipment through the Kaebox Driver App. Check out the steps below to learn more!

Finding Available Packages

Last time we left off, we showed you how to officially go “online.” This means that your driver status is active and your account is ready to pick up packages! Once you open the app, packages that are available to pick up will appear. Simply “accept” the shipment, and your in-app GPS will automatically display the directions. If you have any navigational issues, you’re able to call or chat with the sender or soon-to-be recipient. Drive safe!

Confirm Package Pickup

Now that you have arrived at your destination, it’s time to confirm the pick up! All you need to do is snap a quick picture of the item that is to be delivered. After you upload the picture, you’ll need to select the correct packing materials from your inventory and confirm them. If your package needs a label, the label will be automatically made from the sender's pre-filled information. You can then use your Kaebox Kit, Label Printer to efficiently print and finish packing the item.

Confirm Package Drop Off

Once you’ve picked up the item and have fully packaged it, you’re ready to complete the drop off. The in-app GPS will then switch the directions to the drop off location. When you’ve navigated to the correct address, press “confirm arrival.” You’ll then be prompted to Scan the QR Code found on the label to ensure the packages authenticity. To finish the drop off, take a photo of the package at the destination and submit!

Continue Delivering or Go Offline

You did it, you’ve completed your first official delivery with Kaebox! If you’d like, you can continue delivering all you want, that’s the beauty of setting your own schedule. If you’d like to take a break, simply set your driver status as inactive and go offline.

Now that we’ve shown you how to submit an application, set up your driver profile, and pick up your first package, you’re basically a Kaebox Driver natural! Have fun delivering happiness!

If you’d like more helpful blogs like this, click here! If you’re interested in shipping with Kaebox, please visit our website to join the waitlist.

If you have any questions, email us at Check out the FAQ page on the website for more information!

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