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What to do before picking up your first package!

Congratulations! After submitting your Driver Application for Kaebox, you’ve been accepted and can start delivering happiness. But wait, there are just a few more steps to complete before officially going online as a Kaebox Delivery Driver.

Depending on the type of delivery driver you are (i.e. scooter-ing, walking, or driving a vehicle) there are different sets of steps that are asked of you. Keep reading to learn step-by-step just how you can start earning money fast with Kaebox!

Setting up a Stripe account Setting up a Stripe account is quick since it’s integrated in our easy-to-use app. Once your driver application is approved by Kaebox, you can re-open the app. In the app, you’ll be prompted to configure your payroll information. This directs you to a separate dashboard where you’ll set up your Stripe account. You’ll get sent a verification code that allows you to add:

  • Personal information (name, phone number, email)

  • Type of business

  • Account number

  • Routing number

Decide on your delivery radius

Great job! Now we’ll move on to setting your delivery radius. The delivery radius is the number of miles you’re willing to travel when on your route. For cyclists/moped drivers/motorcyclists and walkers/runners, you can select from a range of 1.0 mile to 15 miles. For drivers using a vehicle, you can choose from 5.0 miles up to 150 miles.

Manage your packaging inventory (Vehicle Only)

If you’re a cyclist, moped driver, scooter driver, or motorcyclist, and have completed the following steps, you are ready to start delivering! Skip to the next paragraph to read more about going “online.” However, if you’re delivering via vehicle, you have one final step before making your first delivery. You need to fill out an inventory order to receive your Kaebox Kit! This kit has the necessary inventory to make your deliveries efficient as ever. Follow the directions below to manage your inventory.

  • Go to settings

  • Tap on “Manage Inventory”

  • Select “Inventory Order”

  • You should receive your Kaebox Kit within 1-3 days!

  • Once you receive your Kaebox Kit, you can confirm your inventory by filling in the 4 digit code, found on the shipping label

Go live!

If you have successfully completed the instructions listed above, your Stripe account has been approved, and you’ve ordered inventory, then you are ready to set your status as “online.” This means that you are open to deliveries and ready to start earning! Congratulations!

Look out for next week’s blog, where we’ll cover how to pick up your first package. If you’d like more helpful blogs like this, click here! We can’t wait to welcome you to our team! If you’re interested in shipping with Kaebox, please visit our website to join the waitlist.

If you have any questions, email us at Check out theFAQ page on thewebsite for more information!

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