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Never Lose Track of Packages with Kaebox

Tired of Tracking Tricks?

Are you tired of shipping carriers giving you the run around regarding your shipment status? Looking for a delivery company that is transparent with their on-demand delivery tracking?

Then you have found the right place! Kaebox provides on-demand delivery tracking for each and every shipment.

Couriers You Can Count On

Our state-of-the-art courier on-demand app gives our users instant access to their tracking information. This includes the location of your personal courier while they are still en route.

We know how frustrating it is to refresh your webpage over and over again, without seeing any changes to your on-demand delivery tracking. Reaching out to shipping companies can feel hopeless for users expecting an important delivery. Users even report overpaying for fast shipping when their delivery is delayed with no refund.

When a company promises fast shipping, they need to deliver on that deal. Revoking a user's access to on-demand delivery tracking is no way to tackle this issue. Providing customers with honest updates regarding their delivery is the only ethical solution to the on-demand delivery tracking dilemma.

The volume of packages that pass through the other couriers is far beyond reasonable. With online shopping demands increasing every day this on-demand delivery tracking problem will continue to get worse before things improve. Shipping companies are making promises to consumers they cannot keep.

Time for New Tracking

This is where we step in. Each area is limited to the perfect number of couriers to serve the surrounding population. We closely monitor the flow of packages to ensure there is no area where slowdowns or delays will impact deliveries. We pride ourselves on the dependability of our on-demand delivery tracking system. All features within the Kaebox app are updated in real-time to always present you with accurate estimates and information.

At Kaebox, when we promise instant delivery, we mean it! We utilize multiple transportation methods to always stay on top of traffic trends. Couriers fulfill deliveries via car, bicycle, moped, or even by walking! This gives us the edge in metropolitan cities that experience gridlock traffic frequently. We believe the key to providing reliable on-demand delivery tracking is to stay flexible. For couriers hauling trucks full of hundreds of packages it can be easy to fall behind.

Kaebox couriers are in full control of their day and take optimized routes suggested in the app to stay ahead of delays. They can even reach out to consumers to communicate with the shipper directly when necessary. For users with questions regarding their on-demand delivery tracking, they can message their personal courier in the Kaebox app or reach out to our customer support team by emailing

Stay on top of your on-demand delivery tracking service by downloading the Kaebox app today!


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