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Instant Delivery Services Anywhere

The Need for Shipping Speed

Have a package that needs to be shipped ASAP? Then you are in luck! Our instant delivery service is available at the touch of a button. No more racing across town to get to the post office on time.

Our third party delivery service works directly with couriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. This helps us secure the best prices for your package pick up and delivery service even when other shipping companies inflate their prices. We believe in providing everyone an accessible and affordable instant delivery service.

Community Comes First

This includes members of our community who are homebound or otherwise have no transportation available to them to transport their packages to the post office. As a local and international shipping company it is our duty to provide equal access to our instant delivery service to all communities. With approximately 4 million homebound adults in the United States alone, it is inexcusable for shipping carriers to not provide adequate shipping services to these individuals.

There are other courier services that provide at home pick up and instant delivery. However, these on-demand shipping providers do not provide full packing and printing services on the spot. Kaebox is the only package pick up and delivery company that brings the shipping store to your door.

Ship from Anywhere

Far too many services require customers to print out their own shipping labels or acquire them elsewhere. We understand that most households do not own a printer with such capabilities. It is unrealistic to expect users to print labels and prepare packages without the proper tools.

This is why Kaebox equips our couriers with everything they need to prepare a successful local or international shipment. When you request an instant delivery service through the Kaebox app you can choose the packaging used, the shipping carrier that fulfills the last-mile delivery, and even schedule your pick up with the nearest courier.

The customization options don’t stop there! We know that updates regarding your order are important, but we understand that most people prefer fewer notifications. This is why we give users full control over their notification settings when ordering an instant delivery.

Kaebox Cares

Our couriers are carefully screened to ensure our services are provided by the best of the best. We take safety very seriously at Kaebox. This is why we work diligently to ensure your shipment is always in safe hands. At Kaebox we understand that a package is more than just cargo to transport. It holds deep meaning to both the shipper and the recipient. All packages shipped with our instant delivery service are treated as if they were our own. Our couriers even take photos of the package upon pick up and drop off so you can rest assured that the item arrived safely.

Next time you experience an urgent instant delivery crisis, think of the courier service that cares. Ship Kaebox. The only shipping company that provides full service instant delivery services directly to your door.

Sign up for your account, no credit card required. Take relationships to everythingships with Kaebox.

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