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On-Demand Instant Delivery All in One App!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Crushing the Courier Competition

When it comes to fast, affordable on-demand delivery service the competition just can’t keep up!

Kaebox gives our users the ultimate shipping experience without the hassle of leaving the house. As eCommerce takes center stage, the rest of the world must adjust accordingly. This includes providing shoppers with a reliable on-demand delivery company that they can access at the touch of a button.

There is truly no need to visit a brick-and-mortar post office when a service like Kaebox exists in the app store.

Experts On-Demand

This app automatically suggests addresses based on your history, making it easy to store information for repeat shipments. If you are sending regular bulk shipments for your business then this feature will save you valuable time. The in-app GPS connects with Google maps to keep all routes and time estimates up to date. If a user makes a mistake while typing out the addresses the app will recognize this flaw and suggest edits. You will no longer need to worry about on-demand delivery services losing or mishandling your package!

We take safety a step above the rest. The personal courier responding to your on-demand delivery request will print out your shipping label and a QR code specially created for your package as an added security measure. This unique code is scanned upon pick up and drop off in addition to the proof of delivery picture your courier provides you. The safety features don’t stop there! With every on-demand delivery submitted through the Kaebox app, you can watch your shipment in real time with our tracking feature! As soon as your package is picked up you can view your courier’s route in real-time. Once the package is delivered to the post office that will complete the second leg of your shipment's journey, the accepting facility will generate a tracking number for you.

Serious Security

Far too many consumers share stories about careless couriers who transport packages to the incorrect destination or to the shipping counter with inadequate labels and then leave the package there for the shipper to solve their problem. The couriers at Kaebox would never treat a shipment so poorly. We provided both users and couriers with communication avenues between each other during transport. This means that if a problem were to arise then the parties could communicate and find a solution together. The last thing you want is to trust a courier with an on-demand delivery request and then see that they have failed you. With Kaebox you will find that our couriers are careful, cautious, and above all, kind!

The service received when you order an on-demand delivery service through the Kaebox app is truly outstanding. Never again will you need to worry about finding your own packaging or paying for an arm and a leg for printer ink. We have an abundance of printer power in a portable package! The Kaeboxer responding to your request for an on-demand delivery service will use this device to sync with their Kaebox account. During this process, the Kaebox app generates a shipping label based on the information you provided in your on-demand delivery service order. This shipping label is swiftly printed out on the spot by the courier and attached to the package.

The Choice is Yours

Packing materials for a Kaebox on-demand delivery service are completely up to you to choose from. Feel welcome to provide your own packaging or enjoy Kaebox parcel bags made from durable recycled plastic. The parcel bags provided by Kaebox come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to cover a wide range of packages.

Each and every delivery is as special to us, as it is to you. We treat each shipment as if it were our own. Our couriers understand the expectations we have placed on them and are committed to creating seamless delivery experiences.

Choose the couriers who care. Choose Kaebox.

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