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Reliable Pricing on Shipping with Kaebox

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

2023 Price Surge

As changes take hold in the shipping industry, one package delivery app is resisting the increase in pricing.

It is no secret that the increase in online shopping is applying pressure on the supply chain. The consequences of this eCommerce boom are taking root in the shopper's pockets. Prices on package delivery apps are currently skyrocketing to offset their operating costs.

This is often the first tactic used by online retailers when inflation takes effect. In order to maintain reasonable prices they are forced to balance this cost elsewhere. For many business owners, the obvious choice is to raise the cost of shipping.

For many consumers, this motivates them to abandon their cart and search for better deals elsewhere.

When these price spikes spread to all levels of shipping, then where should the consumers turn their attention to? The logistics market is rapidly changing as shipping carriers raise prices to combat their losses from the previous period. The current average rate increase is between 4-7%. For frequent shippers, this is a huge concern. Many consumers have expressed concern about the increase. Inflation already put a dent in the earnings of small businesses, and this increase in shipping rates is creating a recipe for disaster.

The answer to these problems rests in one single package delivery app. This app is known as Kaebox.

The Future of Package Delivery Apps

Our one-of-a-kind, on-demand package pick up and delivery service is committed to keeping our pricing levels consistent. As a completely mobile package delivery app, we do not need to offset costs the same way carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx need to. With no physical store locations to maintain, vehicles to service, or cargo ships to upkeep our costs are kept low.

We even limit the number of couriers active in each area to supply our couriers with a steady stream of requests in the Kaebox package delivery app. This price surge is impacting every aspect of the shipping process. As a local package delivery app, it is our responsibility to maintain our relationships with consumers and couriers alike.

One relationship that has not been strained through this price surge is our partnerships with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. The partnerships with these shipping companies have remained strong which allows us to continue offering discounted pricing on our package delivery app. With the increase in pricing our discounts have jumped from 70% to nearly 90% off of package pick up and delivery services.

Delivery You Can Depend On

The Kaebox mission is to provide secure, affordable, and efficient on-demand delivery services to everyone, everywhere. We will not allow the increasing shipping rates to impact our package delivery app. Rest assured that Kaebox users can always access reasonable shipping rates when submitting their local and international shipment requests in our package delivery app.

Secure your shipping rates by downloading the Kaebox app today. We are the couriers you can count on! There are endless ways to save when you ship through Kaebox. Choose the package delivery app that has your back!

Sign up for your free account today, no credit card is required.


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