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Shipping to & from More Than One Address

Ship Easy

Package pick up and delivery services should be as flexible as the tape holding their shipments together. Forcing users to send and receive packages from a single location is unfair to the small business owners and families who travel constantly. At Kaebox we provide users with full control of their profile settings so they may easily add new addresses for package pick up and delivery.

The need to ship something quickly and deliver it the same day can arise at any time, anywhere. Sending important documents from the office or to a doctors office is simple and fast when sent through Kaebox. With each package pick up and delivery request you are able to adjust the address for the sender and destination. We even provide options for residential or commercial package pick up and delivery. If your building is only open during certain operating hours you are able to schedule your package pick up up to two hours in advance. Package pick up and delivery services are available for instant pick up or schedule the time you would like your courier to arrive.

Pick Up Services

If the courier has any issues accessing the building to retrieve the package then you are able to contact them directly, or leave special instructions in your pick up request. Some buildings require a code to gain entry, you can leave this number in the special instructions box at the end of your package pick up and delivery request. Kaebox couriers are even able to retrieve items and bring them to your location! Our services are not restricted to shipping stores or direct door to door distribution.

Drop Off Services

Kaebox couriers can pick up dinner, online shopping orders, and more to bring them directly to your door. You can even customize your order and send a shipment from a business to a loved one. Shipping with Kaebox is customizable and convenient. We know there are a million reasons to use a package pick up and delivery service. This is why we give so much freedom to our users and Kaeboxers. Leaving the house to retrieve groceries can be difficult, especially in the Winter time. For senior citizens it is increasingly dangerous to venture out holding large items or transporting necessities back home. This is why Kaebox has created a simple, affordable, and fast package pick up and delivery service.

When you need a quick delivery on-demand, think of the ultimate package pick up and delivery service; Kaebox. Our couriers are ready and waiting to transport your items anytime, anywhere. When it comes to convenient courier services, Kaebox has you covered. Sign up for a free account and request your first package pick up and delivery service now.

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