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Which Mode of Transportation Should I Use When Delivering for Kaebox?

Delivering happiness has never been more accessible! When you sign up to deliver with Kaebox, you sign up to make money quickly and efficiently. Kabeox employees can expect to increase their income with great products that will make deliveries smooth and convenient.

Aside from unique perks like creating your own schedule and industry-leading pay, Kaebox allows you to choose your own mode of transportation!

Let’s go over the various ways you can deliver with Kaebox.

Car or Truck

The most classic option for delivery drivers. Kaebox drivers can pick up a package on their daily commute, drop it off at their nearest post office, and continue with their day. Using a car for deliveries makes the Kaebox experience an easier way to create an income and saves other people time!

Motorcycle, Bike, or Scooter

An eco-friendly way to save someone else the errand of going to the post office. Ride your motorcycle to a hotspot and wait until deliveries need to be made. Using a bike? Make sure to wear your helmet and keep your Kaebox Kit handy.

On Foot

The most accessible way to deliver with Kaebox. If you don’t have a reliable car or own a bike, a sturdy pair of shoes is a great place to start! Take a walk around your neighborhood, find a local pick up to be made, and start earning money.

If you have any of the above-mentioned vehicles, bikes, or shoes and you’re interested in making up to $350 a day, then you’re in the right place. Download the Kaebox Driver app today to reserve your spot!

Looking for more information? Follow the link to our website for FAQs and helpful blogs.

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