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Why Is My Shipment Prohibited

Shipping Safety

When it comes to sending and receiving mail, safety is always our number one priority. We owe it to our Kaeboxer’s to protect them from dangerous items or legal repercussions. Operating as a same day delivery service comes with guidelines imposed by the United States government. In order to securely fulfill mail shipments, all same day delivery services must abide by these laws and regulations.

There are many reasons an item is rejected from entering the mail stream. For example, sending a homemade dish to a relative across the country sounds like a lovely way to show appreciation for family. Depending on the estimated time spent in transit the item could spoil before it even reaches the destination. While you may feel confident that you safely packaged the compressed air can, batteries, fireworks, or any other item that has the potential to spontaneously combust, we cannot take that chance. Ensuring the safety of every single courier that fulfills a same day delivery service request is a responsibility that we do not take lightly.

Please consider the potential harm a dangerous item poses to the Kaeboxer or the employees fulfilling the shipment at the post office. Items are prohibited from shipping to keep us all safe. Not only does this help avoid unintentional injury or accidents, we also owe it to our Kaeboxer’s to keep them out of legal trouble. Sending a same day delivery service shipment with illegal goods in it will put your courier at risk for a crime they did not knowingly commit. Keep this in mind while considering placing an order for a same day delivery service for a prohibited item.

To ensure your same day delivery service is completed without issue, check our list of prohibited items prior to fulfilling your shipment. If you believe a shipment was fulfilled which contained items from this list, please contact Kaebox directly at so we may conduct a thorough investigation.

The following items are prohibited from package delivery:

  • Flammable Solids

  • Any transaction involving International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or other commodities subject to import licenses

  • Artwork, archeological artifacts, and antiquities

  • Biological agents, etiological agents, and hosts and vectors of human disease

  • Corrosives

  • Miscellaneous (e.g., self-inflating life rafts, lithium batteries, and dry ice)

  • Flammable Gas

  • Spontaneously Combustible Flammable Solids

  • Dangerous When Wet Flammable Solids

  • Oxidizers

  • Organic Peroxides

  • Toxic Substances (solid or liquid)

  • Flowers

  • Fresh foodstuffs

  • Fireworks

  • Alcohol

  • Prepared food

  • Gems, cut or uncut

  • Hazardous materials/dangerous goods and radioactive materials

  • Household goods and personal effects

  • Lithium-ion and lithium metal batteries

  • Medical Devices – must verify that the accepting warehouse complies with state requirements/ licensing/permits for distribution of medical devices

  • Microchips, computer chips, microprocessors, central processing units (CPUs), and mobile telephones

  • One-of-a-kind/irreplaceable articles such as artwork valued between US$250,000 and US$500,000 each and other single items valued at US$250,000 and higher

  • Other perishables

  • Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum in the form of scrap, dust, sulfides, residue, industrial preparations such as silver powder and silver termination paste, and jewelry

  • Project cargo

  • Retail tobacco products

  • Tranquilizing guns and ammunition and their parts

  • Transportation moves for and on behalf of the U.S. government/Department of Defense contract products or other governmental agencies, wherever located, that require specific licensing in advance of any move

  • Hazardous waste

  • Bank bills, notes, or currency (other than a coin)

  • Ivory

  • Marijuana, including marijuana intended for medicinal use

  • Postage stamps

  • Shark fins

  • Plants

  • Seeds

  • Shipments prohibited by law

  • Dangerous goods

  • Watches exceeding the value of 500USD

  • Highly perishable food or beverages (e.g., raw meat or dairy products, etc.)

  • Pharmaceutical products, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or supplements

  • Money, gift cards, lottery tickets, or transferable securities

  • Recreational drugs, drug paraphernalia, or tobacco products

  • Dangerous or hazardous items, including explosives, items that are poisonous or flammable (including paints or adhesives containing a flammable liquid), substances and material identified in the Hazardous Materials Table in 49 CFR section 172.101, or material determined to be hazardous under 49 U.S.C. section 5103 et. seq. and transported in a quantity requiring placarding according to regulations prescribed under 49 CFR, Subtitle B, Chapter I, Subchapter C, hazardous waste (including but not limited to hypodermic needles), or medical waste.

  • Contraband includes but is not limited to, illicit drugs and counterfeit goods

  • Stolen goods

  • Fragile items

  • Sexual aids; obscene or pornographic material

  • Livestock, regulated species (e.g., noxious weeds, prohibited seeds), or animal parts, blood, or fluids

  • Corpses, cremated or disinterred remains

  • Any items for which you do not have permission to send

  • Any items that are reasonably likely to be perceived by the recipient as threatening or harassing.

To view the complete list of prohibited and restricted items, click here.

Facilitating the transportation of dangerous or illegal goods will result in moderators permanently terminating your account, and legal action against you which can result in criminal penalties. For international shipments there are stricter guidelines and harsher sentencing for breaking these rules. It is up to the shipper to abide by all rules and regulations imposed by the countries their shipment passes through. Understand there may be delays if issues arise at customs regarding the content of the shipment.

We understand the need to send certain items through a same day delivery service. There are certain situations that warrant the need for transporting dangerous goods listed under our prohibited items list. Under certain conditions, Kaebox is able to make an exception for same day delivery services of a select few prohibited items.

Businesses who meet the compliance requirements for these items and require consistent, contractual transportation of these materials may reach out to Kaebox to secure the appropriate permissions.

The items we can carry under certain criteria are:

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Animal products, non-domesticated (e.g., mother of pearl inlay, snakeskin watch bands)

  • Articles of high/unusual value

  • Biological substances, Category B and exempt human or animal specimens

  • Dangerous goods

  • Firearms and weapons (including inert and replica explosive weapons)

  • Furs

  • Gold or other precious metals

  • Live animals

  • Perishables

  • Personal effects

  • Plants

  • Seeds

  • Tobacco​

If you believe your item was wrongfully denied for a same day delivery service request then please contact our help desk at If you would like to create a package pick up and same day delivery service request then you may click here to start shipping!

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