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Our History at Kaebox

Connecting Communities

Kaebox is not just a local shipping service. It is a worldwide movement for global shipping equity. Our mission is to empower populations that have historically been shut out from local shipping services and global trade markets.

The first inkling of Kaebox as a concept began when our CEO, Muhamad Al Abbadi, witnessed his elderly neighbors struggling to bring their bulky packages into the post office by themselves. He instantly knew there needed to be a better way for us to serve our communities. The risk of injury for senior citizens transporting packages is too high, especially during Winter months with snow and ice inhibiting their path. It was clear that something needed to be done.

Prior to this experience, our CEO knew there was an issue when it came to global access to affordable local shipping services. He witnessed inequalities in the options for local shipping services that his friends and neighbors back home in Jordan had access to. Local businesses and artists were unable to share their goods and services with the rest of the world. In an age where you are able to get anything delivered to your door if you had the right address, he knew this was a wrong that needed to be set right.

Witnessing these struggles inspired him to pursue a career in law. He began studying shortly after in hopes to create positive change in people's lives on a global scale. He pursued this dream that his father had instilled in him, and hoped to use it for the greater good. Using his gift of empowering others he was able to rank highly in his university’s political structure. This experience gave him the tools he needed to construct a secure local shipping service on his own.

Pain Points in Package Delivery

In the United States one of his first business ventures was to provide office supplies through eCommerce funnels. This gave him expertise in local shipping service operations and opened his eyes to pain points in the logistics industry. During the global pandemic it became glaringly obvious that there was a need for a safe and secure way to send and receive shipments without venturing out to the post office. When he needed a shipment sent to him cross country he realized just how serious the disparities in access to local shipping services truly are.

Muhamad created Kaebox to give marketplaces and small business owners a cost effective solution to their logistics problems. Providing access to on-demand package pick up and local shipping services is a dream come true. Working with the most talented team of developers the Kaebox app was born. This easy to use app provides users with access to international and local shipping services at the touch of a button. Not only do our services benefit the users by providing safe, affordable, and fast shipping methods, it also greatly benefits the couriers fulfilling each delivery. After studying the business practices of similar local shipping services, Muhamad realized the discrepancies in the price of the services versus the take home pay of the drivers completing them. He realized that many couriers have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Knowing that these companies were taking advantage of their employees, he set off down a different path. Kaebox pays our couriers over 90% of the earnings from each delivery. Comparable companies take up to 20% of the earnings from their drivers.

Logistics Leader

Kaebox is designed to become a leader in the logistics industry. We are always researching new ways of implementing greener shipping practices. One way we have managed to accomplish this goal is by utilizing durable packaging made from recycled plastic. We strive to generate as little waste as possible with our local shipping services. We even offer our couriers the option to choose their own vehicles for fulfilling deliveries. They are able to utilize their personal vehicle, bicycle, or by walking the item to its destination. This method allows us to cut down on carbon emissions globally.

There are many exciting projects in the words at Kaebox, this is an international and local shipping service that is focused on growth and empowerment. We strive to give our users the ultimate package pick up and delivery experience. Today we serve our local communities, tomorrow, the world.

To start using Kaebox, download the app to create your free account. Subscribe to our mailing list to learn more about Kaebox and our offered services.

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