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Package Pick Up in the Palm of Your Hand

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

A Dream Come True

Have you ever wished for the ability to summon a courier to your exact location simply at the touch of a button? It would be grand to take care of your errands easily and for an affordable price!

For the first time in history, the perfect package delivery app is here! Our service is miles ahead of the other delivery services on the market. When you order a package pick up and delivery through the Kaebox app you will see what it truly means to be a full-service shipping company.

Choose Kaebox

With so many steps to check off along the delivery journey, why not hand the controls to an expert? Other carriers expect users to do everything short of transporting their own package across the country or globe! Our streamlined package delivery app will take the guesswork out of shipping.

Couriers sent through the Kaebox package delivery app are specially trained to provide you with only the best experience. Your personal courier will provide you with the tools to create a safe and secure shipment.

With the Kaebox package delivery app you can expect special features included in your instant delivery request. Our services include your choice in packaging; choose from our durable parcel bags or provide your own if you wish. These parcel bags come in seven unique shapes and sizes. The app automatically calculates which bag will best suit your delivery needs based on the information you provided in our unique package delivery app.

Once you have made your packaging selection you will see a range of shipping carriers to choose from including multiple price points. The Kaebox package delivery app updates these prices in real time so you will never get hit with hidden fees at check out. Each shipping carrier has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. We provide users with transparent pricing information to give you the opportunity to choose the best service for your shipment. The partnerships we have established with these major shipping companies has allowed us to give users massive discounts on their orders submitted through our package delivery app.

The choice is yours! Choose from different levels provided by USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx when you order a package pick up service through the Kaebox app.

Save your printer ink, we can handle the label creation for you! When you order an instant delivery service through our package delivery app you can expect full service right at your front door. The courier responding to your package pick up request will bring a portable printer that is compatible with labels from each carrier. The information you provided in the Kaebox package delivery app will be generated automatically into a shipping label based on your choice in carrier. If the delivery service is destined for an address within 150 miles of the pick up location then there is no shipping label required. The courier will simply print out a special QR code that is unique to your shipment only. They use this as an extra security measure to verify the correct package upon pick up and drop off. The courier will scan the QR code in the package delivery app at two separate points. When they collect the package from the shipper they must verify the QR code in the app, then upon arrival at the destination the QR code must be scanned once more or the driver’s account will freeze and they will be unable to use the app.

Transportation Transparency

When you ship through the Kaebox package delivery app you are shipping with a company who cares! We understand that each and every shipment is special and should be treated as such. We keep communication lines between shipper and courier open to provide an extra layer of security and trust. You never have to worry about missing a delivery with our customizable notification settings! Choose which notices you will receive in regards to your package pick up and drop off request.

With Kaebox the world is your mailbox! Sign up for your account today, no credit card required.

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