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Reasons to Try Out On-Demand Delivery

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Shipping Evolution

In the hustle and bustle world, why not give yourself a break? When the time comes to ship packages, letters, or returns why should you waste your time transporting containers to the post office? It’s time to try out an on-demand delivery app that actually provides you with the necessary tools to create a successful shipment.

Business owners are evolving in order to meet the requirements of online shoppers. Delivery windows are expected to shrink while the demand for instant on-demand delivery services grows.

Struggling Supply Chains

Before the ecommerce boom created by the pandemic, the logistics industry could better handle the volume of packages that required transportation at any given time. However, since ecommerce sales went up by 43% in 2020 alone, on-demand delivery providers have been playing catch up ever since.

Supply chain management has struggled to keep up with the instant delivery expectations and many consumers complain about mishandled deliveries and incorrect shipping estimates. This is where third party logistics providers can step in to take the pressure off of the major shipping companies. On-demand delivery apps are ushering in a new era in logistics.

Updating the methods for transporting packages is essential to the evolving on-demand delivery industry. Giving users access to convenient and affordable delivery options should be the top priority for these companies.

All-in-One On-Demand

Luckily, our mission at Kaebox is to connect people one package at a time, faster and more sustainably than ever before. This is the reason we designed a streamlined on-demand delivery service app which allows users to request or send a courier to any address for package pick up and door to door delivery services.

With efficiency and affordability in mind, we didn’t just stop at an on-demand delivery service. Our features include on the spot shipping label printing, packaging available in seven sizes brought to your door, scheduled pick up or delivery, instant delivery, international shipping, and same day on-demand delivery up to 600 miles away.

We are the first and only package pick up and on-demand delivery app to provide full service package preparation at the touch of a button. Don’t waste time hauling packages to the post office or prepaying for labels. Get more done with the Kaebox app.

Ship packages from the comfort of your own home, the convenience of the office, or from the institution of University. Save time and money when you send mail through the Kaebox app. Our partnerships with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx will help you save up to 88% on shipping!

Sign up today to start sending happiness. There is no credit card required to sign up!

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