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Stress-Free Safe Tracking with Kaebox

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Trust in Our Tracking

Patience is key when it comes to package delivery. This is something that we can all agree on, yet seldom appreciate. We have grown accustomed to instant gratification in a rapidly evolving world. The restlessness settles in as you refresh your email inbox over and over waiting for any updates regarding your on-demand delivery tracking.

Truly agony exists in the unknown. The worst part about waiting for your on-demand delivery tracking information is simply not knowing where your package is. The distance between you and the shipper only adds weight to your anticipation until you can hardly stand it. This is when the pacing and watching phase begins. Finding any excuse to look through the blinds, secretly hoping your eyes will be met with the smile of a friendly courier striding towards your mailbox.

Time continues to march past as you count the tiles on your ceiling. Your mind begins to race, considering all explanations “I swear I selected same-day shipping” and “there must be a reason for the delay”. So you reach out to the shipper’s customer service line. Requesting your on-demand delivery tracking information is easy, it is the waiting on hold that begins to wear you down.

Hours begin to feel like days, days turn into weeks, and still, there is no progress made on your on-demand delivery tracking information. It begins to feel like there is nothing you can do. The dreadful fear that they have lost your package begins to take hold.

Now how can you avoid this on-demand delivery tracking fiasco?

The answer is simple. Ship packages, letters, and returns through the Kaebox app!

Couriers You Can Count On

Our unique app will connect you with a courier in your area to complete the on-demand delivery tracking service. There is no guessing game when you ship through Kaebox.

No longer will you need to waste your day waiting at the front door for the arrival of your package. With our optimized on-demand delivery tracking features you will always know when your delivery will arrive!

The solution to this problem was crystal clear to us as we researched common concerns related to courier services. Not enough users felt they had a transparent relationship with the shipping provider and in turn, did not feel comfortable trusting them with a valuable shipment. Of course, we understand this sentiment and agree that secure on-demand delivery tracking needs to remain a priority.

Kaebox has solved this issue by providing our users with direct lines of communication to their personal couriers. These lines of communication remain active during the transportation process and will end once the delivery is marked complete. We provide our users with clear on-demand delivery tracking information accessible under the ‘Tracking’ tab in your Kaebox app. This feature allows users to view a live location feed from the courier completing your package pick up and delivery service.

Secure Shipping Service

In addition to this added layer of package security, each and every shipment fulfilled by Kaebox includes photo proof of delivery. The courier assigned to your on-demand delivery tracking service will automatically take a photo of the package upon pick up as well as delivery. This ensures you receive adequate information regarding your package delivery service so you will never be left in the dark.

Track your shipment with the Kaebox app today! View your courier’s progress throughout the process for a stress-free delivery experience. Sign up for the Kaebox app today, no credit card is required.

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