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Saving Seniors a Trip to the Shipping Store

Increasing Shipping Access

Sending and receiving mail without a hassle should be accessible for everyone. Expecting people to bring their own packages to the post office and carry heavy shipments home is unreasonable and outdated. At Kaebox we strive to create a world with equal access to on-demand package and shipping services.

Our mission is to enhance global equity and logistics access for populations across the globe. Providing senior citizens with a safe way to use our on-demand package and shipping service is what drove the creation of Kaebox in the first place. Our CEO got the idea to create a convenient and affordable on-demand package and shipping service when he witnessed elderly neighbors struggling to gain entry to the post office while carrying bulky packages. This moment inspired him to ensure no citizen will ever need to struggle to ship again.

At Home, On-Demand

Kaebox provides on-demand package and shipping services through our easy to use mobile app. This service is streamlined to create an efficient shipping experience. Scheduling on-demand package and shipping services with other companies can get confusing when they do not update you on your courier's whereabouts. At Kaebox we understand that your day can not just be put on pause to wait for an on-demand package and shipping service. We make it easy to request an instant package pick up or you may choose to schedule the courier up to two hours in advance.

When the Kaeboxer does arrive, you will notice they carry a small, portable printer. This device efficiently generates a shipping label corresponding with the shipping counter you selected to fulfill the shipment. Our Kaebox couriers are able to fulfill on-demand package and shipping services the same day if the destination is within 150 miles of the pick up location. If the destination is further away, that is no problem. Simply choose from one of the major shipping companies that we partner with. You will be able to compare and contrast flat rate prices from USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx in real time.

Once you select the shipping carrier it is up to you to purchase a package protection plan. When sending valuable or fragile items we suggest opting for coverage however it is not required. Our couriers take photos of the package upon pick up and drop off so you may verify your package's condition every step of the way.

Schedule Shipments

Tracking your package is simple with Kaebox. There is no waiting around for an email that sends you from one website to the next. Our on-demand package and shipping service keeps you informed on your package’s whereabouts every step of the way. When submitting a request for an on-demand package and shipping service you will notice you are able to customize your notifications regarding the shipment. Everyone has a different schedule and Kaebox strives to provide the freedom of choice on all fronts of our on-demand package and shipping service. Giving customers options when it comes to shipping carriers, packaging, label printing, and even notifications is our way of showing you we care about your experience. At Kaebox we strive to create relationships with all of our customers. If there is anything you think Kaebox can improve on, we are all ears. Contact with any questions or concerns you may have regarding Kaebox and we will be happy to get back to you.

Sending mail should be easy. With Kaebox, it is. Sign up for an account today, no credit card required. To stay in the loop with the latest updates from us, be sure to join our mailing list.


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