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Solving Your Courier Crimes One Package at a Time

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Shifting Shipping Services

The world we live in is evolving rapidly. Services are forced to play catch-up as their audiences drift further and further away. With so many courier services on the market, it is far too easy for criminal couriers to slip through the cracks. The need for trustworthy, seamless delivery drivers is higher now than ever. Reports of package theft have risen steadily during the last three years. More than half of the adults in the United States reported they have been the victim of a porch pirate at least once.

Shoppers are growing increasingly weary as this surge of thefts continues. The rise in package theft is often linked to the mass return to work as thousands of remote workers head back into the office. There are many ways you can combat the likelihood of becoming a victim of this crime. One of which is to request your package drop-off services to be completed by a seamless delivery driver from Kaebox.

Curated Courier Service

These couriers are specially chosen and trained for their work ethic and trustworthy background checks. At Kaebox we even limit the number of seamless delivery drivers we hire in each area to truly ensure we are only hiring the best of the best. Safety is our number one priority here, this goes for users, couriers, and packages.

The policies we have placed on our seamless delivery drivers have been successful in keeping packages and users secure. In order for a courier to complete their delivery without issue, they must provide photo proof of delivery upon pick up and drop off.

We have found that this method of delivery is the most effective in keeping both users and seamless delivery drivers happy. Each package pick up service completed through Kaebox automatically includes a specialized QR code for your shipment. This unique code is scanned by the seamless delivery driver when they transport the package from the pick up point and then scanned once more upon arrival at the destination.

Secure Shipping

The security measures don’t stop there! The Kaebox app provides users with instant live location tracking services so you can keep an eye on your seamless delivery driver for the duration of your package's transportation. Kaebox will never leave you guessing where your package is!

If you ever run into issues during your package pick up and delivery service with Kaebox you are able to contact your seamless delivery driver directly with the Kaebox app! We even provide you with a special instructions section near the end of your package pick up request for any details you would like to provide your seamless delivery driver with.

Stick with the package pick up and delivery service that takes security seriously. We will always strive to provide you with an excellent shipping experience. You can count on your Kaebox seamless delivery driver to provide you with top-quality service.

Sign up for your free account to start sending happiness now! Track your shipment ASAP with the Kaebox app.

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