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Why You Should Send Letters

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Get Personal

The feeling of opening a handwritten letter from a loved one is irreplaceable. In the age of digital globalization it is rare to find gestures as genuine and lovely as this. Not only does it show the recipient that you value them by sitting down to write specifically for them, they also gain a keepsake to remember you by. With eCommerce championing the shipping industry, take some time to bring back a classic technique to send for a same day delivery service with Kaebox.

Too often we take our loved ones for granted. Take the time to write letters for your friends, family, or neighbors this year. They do not need to be long, just write down a genuine message that you think they may enjoy. Once you have your notes written, you are able to send them out for a same day delivery service with the Kaebox app! Technology has created an expectation for instant gratification with everything we do. Studies have shown that our attachment to smartphones is steadily increasing. Rates of stress and anxiety have exploded in our modern era. Creating avenues for connecting to others is vital to a functioning society. However, texting is so prevalent now that it is nearly impossible to ignore your smartphone for more than five minutes. Keeping in constant contact with friends and family is useful for coordinating events and checking in, but the expectation to be available 24/7 is causing huge spikes in anxiety and depression in the younger generations.

Reconnect Offline

While it is of course important to stay in touch with our friends and family, there is a breaking point. Instead of feeling forced to respond instantly to new messages, try your hand at letter writing. The message can still be sent through Kaebox’s same day delivery service. Your recipient will not be waiting long, however you are now able to relax and breathe while you await their response. Conversations can be easily tracked when you have a pile of letters that will never be ‘accidentally deleted’. Sending a letter with Kaebox through our easy to use same day delivery service can help save you time, money, and your own peace.

Communicating through written language allows for far more expression and levity to your words. Much of the anxiety circulating text messaging is the difficulty with understanding the tone of the message. Was the message meant to be sarcastic? Or was it simply a joke without an emoji? Typing out letters on a pixelated screen can only go so far to convey real human emotion. The only way to truly connect through written communication is to put pen to paper yourself. There is no replication for a person's unique handwriting and artistic ability. There will come a time when you hardly need to sign your name as your penpal will instantly recognize the way you dot your I’s or twirl the ends of your S’s.

Creating a consistent letter writing regime can greatly strengthen your interpersonal relationships. If keeping in touch has you worried, fret not! Kaebox makes it simple, efficient, and affordable to send letters with our same day delivery service. We provide on-demand package pick up and delivery services to anyone, anywhere. Our couriers provide everything you need to send mail from home, it’s almost like having the shipping store right at your door! To request a same day delivery service download the Kaebox app and sign up for your free account. Submit details regarding your shipment and summon a courier directly to your location. The Kaeboxer will provide you with any necessary packaging and will even print out your shipping label for you on the spot!

Send Letters Same Day

Once the letter is picked up from your location, the Kaeboxer will provide you with same day delivery service if the destination is within 150 miles of your location. Sending letters long distance can also be fulfilled through Kaebox easily and for an affordable rate. We partner with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx to secure you with the best shipping rates and delivery estimates. Providing same day delivery services is vital as a logistics management company. With the globalized market and the demands of online shopping we are seemingly more connected than ever. Disconnecting from screens and connecting offline via handwritten letters is a wonderful way to reconnect with friends and relatives that live far away. The importance of same day delivery services has never been clearer. So sign up for your free Kaebox account to send a letter to a loved one quickly without on-demand same day delivery service!

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